Being a part of Kolin means reaching world class achievements and representing our country on the international arena. Kolin Corporate Group accepts the “Human Resource” among its most crucial assets, always supports its employees, provides them with all kinds of opportunities and awards the succes. With this approach adopted in human resource processes, the Group develops its activities and grows in a stable manner.

A big family with its over 3 thousands employees

Kolin Corporate Group is a big family with its over 3 thousands employees. In the companies of the Group, we are working with self-confident and well-educated expert staff who always target development and change and who are open to new ideas. As of 31st December 2010, blue collar workers account for 73% of the labor force and white collar workers account for 27%.

Policy of Human Resources

In accordance with the belief that production and service of well quality can only be provided with qualified human resource, as Kolin Human Resources, our policy is to ensure that human resource, which is our most valuable asset, can work in a respectful and safe environment, develop the current procedures, create an environment for educational and cultural activities which can provide sustainable efficiency and development, improve work models to develop the leadership qualities, knowledges and capabilities of our staff from all levels and present career opportunities to our staff

Training for continous development

Kolin Corporate Group sustains the arrangements and implementations which increase the performance of human resources and provides motivation in all procedures, ensures continous development of its staff with theoretical and practical training. Pursuant to this approach, Human Resources Department of the Group assures participation of its staff in trainings, congresses and seminars which can support their professional and personal development and presents training opportunities in accordance with their career plans. In addition to planning the openings, Department educates the personnel by benefitting from the domestic resources in order to provide continuity of Kolin. As for the newly employed staff, “Orientation Trainings” are held for them. In 2011 too,Kolin Corporate Group will pay special attention to satisfaction of its staff and continue its activities to strenghten their affiliation to the corporate; and go on making investment in the human resource, which is its most valuable capital, without making concession from its development-oriented policy.