40-years of deep-rooted past

Kolin Construction!
Raising on sound these foundations for 40 years, Kolin is steadily growing up by spreading its successful services with the awareness about the fact that its each investment represents Turkey and our country's people, and, by this means, has an efficient role in the development of our country and makes important contributions in our social and economic development and prosperity… 
Kolin works with the conscious of the critical role taken by the construction sector in the establishment and development of the infrastructure of ever-developing Turkey and, thus, in reaching a better life. With the eligibility of the worldwide actor of the sector, it continuously renews its technology and extends its know-how in order to provide optimum solutions for the changing dynamics. Learning, researching, developing, getting renewed and putting this knowledge in practice in the optimum conditions are among the main targets of Kolin...

Kolin in the World an in Turkey
Kolin Construction carries out road, railway, metro, port, house, industrial facility, and irrigation and dam projects on all sides of Turkey from Çanakkale to Gümüşhane, Trabzon to Şanlıurfa, İzmir to Artvin. Not limiting its field of activity with Turkey, Kolin also draws a sound and stable graph and comes forward as a successful, reliable and worldwide preferred brand.

Kolin Construction which maintains its activities on a large geography from Libya to Azerbaijan and Uganda ensures easy access for its services through foreign offices located in Baku/Azerbaijan, Libya/Tripoli, Uganda/ Kampala, Algeria/Alger, Saudi Arabia/Al-Khobar and Kuwait/South Al Mutlaa and extends its area of influence throughout the world.

Kolin undertakes many projects in a large range such as highway, road, bridge, viaduct, railway, metro, high-speed train, tunnel, port, dam, modern irrigation systems, purification systems, water transfer lines, flood protection structures, industrial complexes, repair and maintenance workshops, pipeline constructions, mass housing, hotel, hospital, office buildings and military facilities, building- house projects, energy, communication and transport projects.
Requiring varied expertise and experience in construction sector, these services are also supported with the works of affiliated companies of the group. These companies continue their works by combining their abilities in realizing many projects in different fields with notion of effectiveness and quality, and create difference in both their own sectors and construction sector with these features.

Our National and International Standards
Kolin Construction maintains its all works in accordance with the national and international quality, environment and safety regulations. Each phase of these works is supervised by not only company officials but independent institutions. These supervisions carried out with a systematic and continuous monitoring are maintained in line with the irrevocable policies of the company in "environment, health and safety" issues.

Kolin has a characteristic of being the first company in the construction sector that has obtained "ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System", "ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System" and "OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System" certificates at the same time. NATO Security Clearance Certificate, Unlimited Contracting Certificate and Overseas Contracting Certificate are among the exclusive certificates obtained by Kolin.

Kolsan Inc. is the first manufacturer of PVC tunnel type drainage pipes of international standards in Turkey. Having been founded in 1976, Kolsan Inc. is active in the fields of production and sale of ready-mixed concrete, PVC tunnel- type (horseshoes section) drainage pipe, and water stop band. Its long-term leading position in the sector arises from its strong infrastructure, commitment, belief in quality and tolerance. The company holds TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) Conformity Certificate and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certificate.

Kolsan Inc. which is the first manufacturer of PVC tunnel type drainage pipes of international standards in Turkey and keeps a leading position in the sector owns market share of 80%. 2016 was a positive and productive year for Kolsan Inc. 1,5 %-rate of waste, which is very low for plastic industry, was obtained during the year. All of the purchased raw materials of 3 million TL were supplied with suitable quality and zero refusal and waste rate was obtained for the raw materials. An effort of 14 men/hour was exercised for training of the personnel. Thus, the number of the personnel-caused failures turned out to be zero. Having been dedicated to continuous development through measurement and improvement activities, the Company gained 100% customer satisfaction by meeting the customers' expectations and needs in timely and smooth manner.

Maximum efficiency and protection with the PVC tunnel-type drainage pipes and slope stabilization cells
PVC Tunnel-type drainage pipes which are manufactured By Kolsan Inc. are very useful by nature in drainage of the underground and surface waters. In the relevant projects where these pipes are used, they help conveyance of the water to the drainage canals and thus prevent collapse of the foundation and infrastructure of the structure.

Additionally, the imported drainage pipes of small diameter and slope stabilization cells prevent destruction of the soil on steep lands due to such reasons as erosion and landslide.

Certain projects which have used Kolsan Inc. products are as follows: 
• Ankara-Niğde Highway • GAP • Bozüyük-Mekece Road Rehabilitation Project • Gaziantep Ring Road o Bursa Ring Road • Artvin-Erzurum Highway • Black Sea Coastal Road Projects • Elazığ Anatolian High School • Bulgaria Highway Site • Ankara-İstanbul High-Speed Railway Project • Kahramanmaraş Guided Irrigation Construction • Derbent Dam Road • Tekirdağ-Muratlı Railways Site • Umur Bey Dam • Saraçbendi HEPP Site • Çine Dam and HEPP Project • Sarıyer Primary School • Ankara-Sivas High Speed Railway Project • Nahçıvan Road Sites • Ankara-Pozantı Highway Project • İstanbul Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge • İstanbul 3rd Airport.

Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete: A reliable supplier of ready-mixed concrete
Kolsan Inc. firstly launched production and sale of ready-mixed concrete in 1996 in Afyon under the name of Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete. Starting to be a solution partner of the customers in Ankara with the “Eryaman Ready-Mixed Concrete Facility” established at Eryaman in 2010, our Company expanded its service network with “Mamak Ready-Mixed Concrete Facility” taken into operation in 2011. In 2012, it took the “AKM Ready-Mixed Concrete Facility” into operation as the read-mixed concrete supplier within the Keçiören-Tandoğan Metro Line Project. And, “Optimum Ready-Mixed Concrete Facility” was taken into operation in 2016 as the read-mixed concrete supplier within the “Başkentray Project” which is one of the most important projects in Ankara. With its target of ensuring high customer satisfaction and superior service, Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete provides continuity of the quality by acting professional during the whole production process which covers material supply, which is the first phase of the production, proper transport of the concrete, delivery of the concrete in relevant standards, systematic control and maintenance of the facilities. For the concrete which curtails particular sensitivity, it ensures quality production by a specialist team on a qualified basis. The company owns modern facilities complying with world standards. Success of the Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete firstly lies in its strong group structure, young and dynamic human resource and innovation. Speed and creativity resulting from all these render Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete strong and sustainable. Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete undertook the ready-mixed concrete supply works of many projects of various sizes and executed all with success as committed. Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete got involved in many important projects from Mamak to Çankaya and Eryaman to Pursaklar and Kazan in Ankara and from Emirdağ and Çay to Sandıklı in Afyon. The company is one of the strongest ready-mixed concrete organizations of the region with the highest market share. With its totally 3 stone quarries, 1 in Karaaslan vicinity, 1 in Işıklar vicinity and 1 in Bayramgazi vicinity, on the Kütahya direction, of Afyonkarahisar and with their aggregate production capacity of 800 ton/hour, the Company has secured its position among the most important production companies of the region where it provides service. The modern Kolsan ready-mixed concrete facilities of world standards have production capacity of minimum 120 m3/hour for each facility and installed production capacity of 500 m3/hour for Ankara facilities. Concerning various classes ranging from C12 to C40, it guarantees resistance which is always superior to the relevant class resistance with the laboratory established at all facilities in accordance with the TSE TS EN 206-1 norms. Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete is member of the Ready-Mixed Concrete Association of Turkey (THBB); it is subject to Quality Assurance System. Holding (TSE) certificate for both aggregate and ready-mixed concrete; (CE) and (G) certificate for aggregate, the Company has registered its quality. The Company follows the sectoral developments and innovations closely. It keeps track of the regional or national congress, seminars and trainings about the sector as well as the publications to be always acquainted with the sectoral developments and innovations. Moreover, maintaining to be a leader in the field of quality with its experienced workforce, research-development and innovation capacity, it aims to increase the business volume and solidify its position as a reliable supplier.