Efes Group Transport Industry and Trade Inc. makes its transports in compliance with the rules of European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) under the under the control and supervision of Environment Commission Board. 

It has K1- Carriage Document for Domestic Goods; TS Certificate of Conformity on Vehicles for Carriage of Hazardous Wastes by Road; License for firms carrying hazardous wastes; License for vehicles for carrying hazardous goods, and its drivers have SRC 5 (Training Certificate for Dangerous Substance Carriage), Certificate for ADR and Mobile Waste Tracking (MoTAT) Application of Ministry of Environment. Efes Inc., a logistics company that can make special transports with its certificates of authority, is drawn apart from many other logistics companies. Main duty of Efes Group Transport Industry and Trade Inc. is to carry solvent and waste oil produced in Waste Facilities of Çanakkale Port Management. It can also make the transport of wastes from the other waste facilities in appropriate time and conditions. In 2016, the bilge waste of AKÇANSA ENERGY was carried. 

Within 2016, the following carriages were made:  
Waste Solvent: 268 shipments - 6.092 ton
Waste Oil: 661 shipments - 18.698,40 ton
Bilge: 10 shipments - 265,30 ton 

With its capacity to operate in all regions, the Company provided service in Kocaeli, Tekirdağ, Kütahya and İzmir in 2016. The performance of Efes Inc. is in direct proportion to the marketing of the products produced in the waste facility of Çanakkale Port Management. In 2016, an increase were seen in the transport services due to the our new vehicles bought and the waste production of Çanakkale Port Management. Environment-friendly and safe methods are used in order not to cause any hazard to the nature and human during the transportation of the wastes produced in the waste facilities in the Çanakkale Port Management to the other waste facilities. Efes Group Transport Industry and Trade Inc. aims to continue to deliver the wastes produce in the waste facilities in the Çanakkale Port Management to the other companies in a safe way and to maintain its logistics services in compliance with ADR rules.