The construction world's representative of 100-year knowledge and experience in construction, mining, industry and production sectors... A must of constructions in terms of durability... Solutions beyond the expectations in construction chemicals... An institution vitalizing thousands of constructions for 30 years with its quality... An affiliate of KOLIN Construction... ARSLANLI started its plaster manufacturing and stepped into the construction world in 2005 with the trademark ARALCI and laid the foundations of ARKIM, which is another trademark, in 2007 and entered the construction chemicals sector. ARSLANLI offered good quality, strong and TSE guaranteed solutions with its trademark ARTHERM in heat insulation which is another need of the constructions and became the preferable choice of professionals in the construction world as a result of its expanding product range. ARSLANLI has grown even more as a result of the research & development activities and infrastructure works realized in the following years, decided to expand in the construction chemicals sector and stepped into the international market besides the Turkish market. 

Becoming a preferred trademark each year due to the importance attached to customer satisfaction, ARSLANLI provides both quality and strength to the constructions as a result of its products and solutions beyond expectations. ARSLANLI represents its country in the world by creating a difference in global terms and succeeds in improving in different fields by new investments. The trademark mission of ARSLANLI is to hold the customer satisfaction on the highest level by always taking the demands of customers into consideration; to expand its market share even more by being preferred by new users day by day and to become the most reliable brand of Turkey and one of the leading companies of the world in construction chemicals. 

Responding the expectations of all target groups including especially customers, partners and contractor firms with a flawless service quality; becoming a both locally and globally preferred company with range of products and suitable price policy, and being one of the model companies of the sector with social responsibility projects supported in education, health, culture, art, environment and sports fields are the points constituting the vision of the trademark.


Engaged in the production of B70-S49 and B70-60 E1 type pre-stressed - pre-tensioned sleepers which are preferred in railways in Turkey and which have been designed for having appropriate specifications for being used both in conventional and high speed railway lines, the facility of Inkol Inc. is one of the most modern plants of Turkey today. Inkol Inc., besides being open for innovations and being a follower of innovative applications, comes to forefront by directing its activities under the consideration of the conditions of the future. The company, along with its experience and technological superiority in the field of sleeper manufacturing, has strategic advantages as well due to its location. It has respect to the environment and living spaces in its activities. It provides contribution to the economy with an average employment of 35 persons all the year around. Turning towards the non-public projects, Inkol Inc. promoted its product by evaluating the projects and discussing with superstructure companies. 245.489 sleepers were manufactured in 2013, 227.291 in 2014, 185.783 in 2015 and 136.483 in 2016. Together with the stock remained from 2012, 1.041.737 sleepers have been sold. Company has a share of 13% in the sector. Inkol Inc. has ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 Certificates, TS EN 206-1 Concrete G Compliance Certificate, TS EN 206-1 Concrete KGS Compliance Certificate and construction materials experiment laboratory related -TS EN17025 Experiment Laboratory Validity Certificate and Domestic Product Certificate.  Among the objectives for 2017, the following points may be listed: To continue to reply on time and accurately for the requirements of public and private sector by enabling the full capacity operation of the plant, to lead the sector by its employment and quality policies.