Hekimhan Mining Inc. takes place within the body of Koloğlu Holding and has been operating iron mine located in Malatya, Hekimhan District, Deveci Village since 2007 with an approximately two million ton/year production capacity. With its siderite reserves over 40 million tons, Deveci Iron Mine is Turkey's second largest iron field and it is also evaluated as the Turkey's biggest ferromanganese field with high manganese content in its core structure. Continuing to increase its activities since its establishment in terms of both investment and production and sales, Hekimhan Mining Inc. will supply the produced siderite core, with higher manganese content and lower impurity, by enriching it with the calcination plant to be put into service in near future to domestic and foreign market as a unique raw material. 

Hekimhan Mining Inc. is a company that is well known in terms of its quality and capacity within the scope of Turkish iron mining, provides huge foreign exchange savings to the national economy with its investments, provides employment and that is customer satisfaction-oriented and open to development. The Company aims huge developments with its experienced and skilled staff by using its power and advantage derived from taking place within the scope of Koloğlu Holding. With this approach, it is planned to make new investments, along with the mining, in the new mine fields, obtained/to be obtained, which can cut in the importation and create exportation opportunity with high added value by expediting the studies on other mining investment possibilities in various regions of Turkey.