Foundations of Kolin Group of Companies was laid down in 1977 with the establishment of Kolin Construction. The group, exhibiting a sustainable growth example with its stable performance since its establishment, has gained its place among reputable and powerful companies in Turkey. Kolin Group of Companies successfully conducts its activities in the construction-contracting, energy, port operation, and mining and tourism-service sectors.

Kolin Group of Companies is known as a high quality and reliable service provider, and a model entrepreneur with strong national investment.

Operating primarily in the construction-contracting sector, Kolin Construction is the main company and the driving force of the group. The company has successfully completed numerous projects by utilizing its 37-years of experience, financial power and technical competence. The company’s business portfolio includes infrastructure and transportation projects as well as agriculture and energy, buildings, housing and industrial plants projects.

Kolin Construction which became a preferred business partner in several parts of the world as well as in Turkey provides services to a wide constituency which encompasses Libya, Azerbaijan, Uganda and Serbia.