40-years of deep-rooted past
An efficient role taken in the development of our country with the services provided in many different sectors and the successfully completed large-scale projects…A signature proudly put under each investment undertaken with the awareness of representing Turkey and Turkish people… A world giant spoken out with the works done in different geographies of the earth… 

Kolin Construction!
Raising on sound these foundations for 40 years, Kolin is steadily growing up by spreading its successful services with the awareness about the fact that its each investment represents Turkey and our country's people, and, by this means, has an efficient role in the development of our country and makes important contributions in our social and economic development and prosperity… Kolin works with the conscious of the critical role taken by the construction sector in the establishment and development of the infrastructure of ever-developing Turkey and, thus, in reaching a better life. With the eligibility of the worldwide actor of the sector, it continuously renews its technology and extends its know-how in order to provide optimum solutions for the changing dynamics. Learning, researching, developing, getting renewed and putting this knowledge in practice in the optimum conditions are among the main targets of Kolin...

Kolin in the World and in Turkey
Kolin Construction carries out road, railway, metro, port, house, industrial facility, and irrigation and dam projects on all sides of Turkey from Çanakkale to Gümüşhane, Trabzon to Şanlıurfa, İzmir to Artvin. Not limiting its field of activity with Turkey, Kolin also draws a sound and stable graph and comes forward as a successful, reliable and worldwide preferred brand.
Kolin Construction which maintains its activities on a large geography from Libya to Azerbaijan and Uganda ensures easy access for its services through foreign offices located in Baku/Azerbaijan, Libya/Tripoli, Uganda/ Kampala, Algeria/Alger, Saudi Arabia/Al-Khobar and Kuwait/South Al Mutlaa and extends its area of influence throughout the world.