Board of Directors
Standing (left to right):
Celal KOLOĞLU (Board Member) 
M. Kemal KOLOĞLU (General Coordinator) 

Sitting (left to right):
Veysi Akın KOLOĞLU (Board Member) 
Naci KOLOĞLU (Chairman) 

In each day of past 40 years since our foundation, we have come to these days by developing our knowledge and experience in each project which we have realized with works done in civil engineering and we have happily made "Kolin Construction" into a brand… This brand has emerged by fulfilling our commitments on time and in best quality, overcoming challenging projects requiring expertise, working with a qualified and competent human resource, carrying on business in a broad geography and under severe conditions, complying with ethic principles and working hard. 

Sound Relations - Reliable Cooperation
The leading element underlying this success enabling us to rank among the greatest construction companies of Turkey and even of the world is our sound relations and reliable cooperation established with our employers. 

This synergy maintained by reinforcing in each phase of projects is the key for our success. This mutual trust ensures successful completion of all undertaken project with a delivery on time. 

The principle of "delivering every work that we commit ourselves to on time and with the best in quality no matter what its amount or terms may be" forms the foundations of the Kolin's business approach which has never been deviated. This basic principle has always been a gain for our company in the long term although it lays heavy and everlasting responsibilities over us. 

Our principles and approach to work have made us a company that is trusted to undertake major contracting projects not just in Turkey but in the international arena as well.

Our Non-Compromised Principles
The non-compromised principles that underlie our international success are as follows: - Remaining absolutely faithful to our commitments

- Acting with complete honesty, openness, and transparency in the conduct of our relationships with all contractual parties, including the employer, after we have taken on a job

- Delivering high- quality work, no matter what it may require, with our awareness that we are a Turkish firm in the country where we are undertaking a project and that the project will be remembered as one carried out by a Turkish firm in the general sense

- Fulfilling all of our material and moral obligations not just towards the employer but towards all of the local agencies and organizations of the country in which we are working conducting existing relationships on the basis of trust and honesty

- Respecting in all aspects of a host country's cultural identity and social values

We Build Enduring Works For Civilization

Our basic goal as Kolin is to research, learn, and make the best possible use of the knowledge…

This means being in a continuous innovation and continuous change.

In line with our goal, we continue to build up our attributes as a company which is willing to take risks and which is trusted, respected, and sought out for its credibility and expertise and to "Build Enduring Works for Civilization".Our final goal is to be ranked among the top level construction companies of the world...