Kolin Construction continuously reviews its quality policy. The purpose of that is to ensure and maintain the compliance of the activities of our group companies in their fields of business.

Corporate Approach
We give priority to quality, trust and stability in our all activities. The framework of the corporate approach of Kolin is drawn by "human, customer and development oriented business strategies", "ethical code of conduct", "responsibilities towards social stakeholders", and "economic and social sustainability". This approach is based upon adoption of corporate values and their transformation into a behaviour model. The management approach is structured to ensure implementation of the principles of transparency, equity, responsibility and accountability. We pay much importance in that our management structures are assessed as "reliable" by all parts that we have interaction. Adhering to behaviours reflected by this approach and implementing them internally, we make no compromise in the basic principles of institutionalism. 

Quality Approach and Policy
Kolin Construction stands out as one of the few companies which have trilateral integrated quality management system and as first company which gains this characteristics in its sector. 
Our "ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System", "ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System" and "OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System" certificates obtained from TÜV Rheinland Firm are placed in our company history as "pride certificates". 
In addition to the commitment to offer high-quality products and service for its customers, Kolin's quality approach also includes providing a secure and modem work environment for employees, being socially beneficial and minimizing the effect of its activities on the environment. The company aims at ensuring that employees love their corporation, develop their creative powers and keep their enthusiasm a priority. Management staff is comprised of people who adopt the mission and Vision of the company, work willingly and devotedly to fulfil target goals, have young, dynamic and free ways of thinking, comprehend modern business principles and believe in the power of sharing and team work. 
We finalize all our works by regularly securing the service or product by fulfilling the demands of customers and the legislation in place without any problem in all works we undertake.
We guarantee to our customers that the company always produces the same quality products which fulfil the terms of the customers while increasing quality standards. We perform all endeavours with the same quality and state-of-art technology and strive to continuously be more successful. In line with these principles, we are increasing customer satisfaction each day by applying Quality Management System effectively. 

• Kolin Construction has adopted an approach which maintains and improves the quality of lives of its employees and social stakeholders; this approach has been shaped in accordance with the principles listed below with a view to minimizing the Kolin's impact on the environment. 

The following rules are pursued for the environment in our works: 

• Determining the effects of our works on the environment and taking all steps to minimize the negative effects. 

• Using energy and natural resources efficiently while carrying out its activities and taking every measure to prevent wastage. 

• Tightly controlling wastes emerging from our activities and taking the necessary measures and developing these continuously to avoid air, water and soil pollution.

• Always complying with applicable environmental legislations and any other rules of institutions to which it is a member in its business, service and products.

• Ensuring that all its environmental activities are carried out in compliance with established policies and are sustainable.

• Investigating any possible source of danger as of the initial stages of a project and taking the necessary steps to provide suitable protection during the application phases so that no harm comes to the lives, goods or property of the employees and others.

• Ensuring that its activities benefit the public and that they are accessible to the public.

• Providing continuous training and carrying out awareness raising activities in order to improve the environmental consciousness of its personnel.

Our highest priority is occupational health and safety…To minimize potential losses and to create a safe and healthy work environment is among the most important targets of the company. Accordingly, the company's Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy comprises the following requirements:
  • Constant improvement of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Occupational Safety and Health performance in order to prevent injuries and medical problems in our Company. 
  • Alignment with the currently effective OSH statute, at least, as well as regulations of other institutions/organizations of which we are a member. 
  • Ensuring that all our occupational safety and health-related activities are in alignment with our policies, and maintaining this alignment, 
  • Making necessary announcements and implementing training and awareness activities to raise an awareness in all staff about their personal responsibilities under occupational health and safety. 
  • Ensuring that the occupational health and safety activities are appropriate for and accessible by the parties concerned. 
  • Periodical revision of our occupational health and safety policies to ensure its alignment with the activities of our company, and to maintain this alignment.
  • Prevention of all employees and other individuals who may be effected by our activities from occupational injuries and ailments. 
  • Ensuring that the necessary systems are in place to identify any risks at the very outset for the prevention of our and other people’s lives and property, as well as taking all kinds of protective measures during the implementation stage
To become a leader in the construction sector and to be able to shape the sector by maintaining a continuous learning process with our compiled national and international experience, with the set of qualifications which reflect strong management of data, modern day requirements and a dynamic organizational structure. 

Our strategic priorities: 
  • To expand our international activity areas, with the power derived from our accomplishments in Turkey and experience accumulated for more than 40 years, and making use of new opportunities.
  • To maintain a consistently high level of customer satisfaction. 
  • Becoming one of the most popular construction companies in Turkey by investing in human resources. 
  • To attain operational excellence in terms of efficiency and profitability. 
  • To become a company which leads the best practices in the sector in terms of health, safety and environmental management. 
  • To support community service projects of national and international scope. 
  • To be knowledgeable
  • To work efficiently
  • To be successful
  • To achieve the highest quality
  • To be punctual in all aspects of business
  • To pioneer new developments
  • To be competitive in quality and cost
  • To value and inspire employees
  • To harbor love and enthusiasm for the business
  • To share and participate
  • To welcome criticism
  • To encourage research, commitment, and perseverance
  • To pursue success in every field under all circumstances and enjoying it
You can reach the documents related to our certificates from PDF below.

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