Contract Signed Off in Kuwait... / June 30, 2016

The tender for the South Al Mutlaa city project which is one of the biggest investments in Kuwait was awarded to Kolin İnşaat Inc. with the lowest offer.

The tendered project covers the construction of the main highways and infrastructural works of the South Al Mutlaa City to be newly built in an area of 100 sq.kms in the South of Kuwait and be populated by 350.000 people.

The contract for the project was signed on June 30, 2016.

The Signatures Were Appended for the First Section of the 313 km Long Masalli - Astara Highway… / June 24, 2016

The scope of the work that was signed on June 24, comprises the constructing the infrastructure and superstructure works of 22,15 km long 2 x 2 highway, total 10 bridges and various hydraulic engineering structures.

Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş Line is Being Re-Constructed… / March 25, 2016

Through the Contract signed on March 25th, it is aimed to divide the existing railway lines between Kayaş, Ankara and Sincan into High Speed line, conventional line and suburban line together with the re-construction, within the metro standards, of all stations and the platforms on this line.

It is planned to increase the annual passenger number from 15 million to 60 million by integrating the Project into the mass transport system of the Capital city and to run one suburban train in two minutes.

Opening Ceremony of the Hotamış Storage Facility... / February 24, 2016

The collective groundbreaking and opening ceremony for 42 facilities organized in Konya by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs was held with the honored presence of the Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu. Hotamış Storage, one of these facilities, under the Konya-Çumra Planning, is expected to provide irrigation for 77.110 hectares of land.

The facility is planned to set into operation in November 2016.

Contract Signed for Dudullu - Bostancı Metro.... / February 12, 2016

Contract was signed on 12.02.2016 with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Rail Systems Department Anatolian Side Rail Systems Directorate.

The Project is a metro line which is 14.2 km long and comprises 13 stations. This line consists of a 12.8 km long dual tube single line TBM tunnel and a 1.4 km long single tube dual line NATM tunnel. A total of 13 stations, of which 6 are of a tunnel type and 7, of an open & close type, will be built on the line by also completing their construction, engineering and finishing works at the same time. Intermediate crossing tunnels and switch zones shall also be developed on necessary points along the route.

Signatures has been appended for the construction of Çayyolu Depot Area and Buildings... / February 2, 2016

Within the scope of the project, all construction works (including steel driver’s platforms between park lines, reinforced concrete walkways, piled surrounding excavation and piled support structures, reinforced earth and reinforced concrete walls, conrete, asphalt pavement areas, available rainwater and wastewater box culvert displacement, parking area landscape and environment design) of Çayyolu Depot Area and Buildings (a total of ~15.000 m2 indoor space including; Workshop Building, Heating Station, Electric and Transformer Station, Line Maintenance Vehicles Building, Water House and Entrance Control Building) will be done.

We lost Kolin Turkish Folk Music Chorus Conductor Bircan Pullukçuoğlu… / January 9, 2016
We’re in deep sorrow for having lost Bircan PULLUKÇUOĞLU who was Kolin Turkish Folk Music Chorus Conductor and at the same time Turkish Radio and Television Association’s Ankara Radio Turkish Folk Music Singer and Turkish Folk Ballads Chorus Conductor. 

We wish God’s mercy and grace to be with him and extend our condolences to his family, acquaintances and friens loving him.
Kolin Makes the Highest Offer for Doğankent, Kürtün and Torul HPPs… / December 21, 2015
In the bid for the privatization of Doğankent, Kürtün and Torul Hydroelectrical Power Plants as well as the immovables used by these plant, the highest offer came from Kolin İnşaat Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret Inc.  

Representatives of the 8 countries whose applications were accepted attended the bid which took place at the Directorate of Privatization.  

Following the first round of sealed bidding without screening, the bids were received in four elimination rounds. These rounds were followed by open bidding. In the bid which took about 60 minutes, the highest offer was made by Kolin İnşaat Inc.  

Of these power plants, Doğankent HPP generates 74,5 MW, Kürtün HPP 85 MW, and Torul HES 103,2 MW of power.
Turkish Republic Giresun University’s Doğankent Veysi Akın Koloğlu Vocational High School is Opened for Service… / December 11, 2015
Turkish Republic Giresun University’s Veysi Akın Koloğlu Vocational High School that is realized by Kolin Inc.; is opened for service as a part of Tirebolu Vocational High School in the academic year of 2015-2016 with its program of “Production Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy” 

During his visit to the school, Doğankent’s Mayor Haşim Birol, made a statement thanking everybody who contributed their efforts to bring in this work to Doğankent and added that they spent a lot of effort for the school’s opening for education and teaching and it finally started its activities with 31 students and 8 instructors. 
Minister Visit to Keçiören Metro… / December 6, 2015
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Binali Yıldırım examined The Keçiören Metro that is under construction. Yıldırım, investigating on site, has arranged for a press conference in the Municipality’s Station and stated that 99% of the metro route is completed.  Yıldırım said “ We’ll engage it latest in the third quarter of 2016. We’ll be starting the test drives by the end of  March.” 
A New School for Kırkağaç / October 21, 2015

In context of the social responsibility project, the foundations Yüzbaşı Tevfik Bey Primary School with 16 classrooms to be built in Manisa province Kırkağaç county are laid with a ceramony held in October 21st.

Governer of Manisa Erdoğan Bektaş, Senator of Manisa Recai Berber, Kırkağaç District Governor Dr. Mehmet Yeşilbaş, Kırkağaç Mayor Yaşar İsmail Gedüz, heads of divisions, school headmasters and numerous citizens participated in this ceramony.

A New Project in Azerbaijan / October 7, 2015
The construction works for the Jalilabad - Shorsuulu section of the highway between Alat and Astara cities in Azerbaycan. The context of the works include 30,1 km 2x2 road infrastructure and superstructure works as well as two bridges that are 219 m long in total and various hydraulic engineering structures.
Signatures affixed for the 3rd Airport / May 20, 2013
After the tender, which was held on May 3, 2013, was awarded to Cengiz-Kolin-Limak-Kalyon-Mapa OGG (Joint Venture Group), the contract was signed on May 20, 2013. The 1st stage of the project, consisting of 3 stages, is projected to be completed within 42 months. The 3rd Airport Project is referred to as the most significant project in the history of the Republic.
Niğde Orbital Motorway Put Into Service With Ceremony / March 28, 2013
The orbital motorway of Niğde was put into service with a ceremony that took place on Wednesday, the 20th of February 2012, under the participation of the Turkish Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Binali YILDIRIM, Governor of Niğde Alim BARUT, Nevşehir Governor Abdurrahman SAVAŞ, Director General of Highways M. Cahit TURHAN, parliamentarians of the region, mayors, and local residents.
The new orbital motorway of Niğde covers a distance of 10 kilometers and is located within the Ankara-Pozantı Motorway, at the Gölcük-Kemerhisar section of 41 kilometers. The orbital motorway of Niğde separates the urban traffic of Niğde from the transit traffic coming from Mersin and Adana, while allowing for shorter travel time to neighboring settlements located in the north of the Niğde such as Nevşehir, Kırşehir, Kayseri, and Kırıkkale. Thus, the orbit will provide a convenient means of transportation for faster and safer delivery of products produced in the regions of GAP and Çukurova, as Turkey’s largest production centers in terms of agriculture among others, to both domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, the orbit also establishes a convenient connection between Central Anatolia / Cappadocia and Turkey’s rich touristic centers located in Southeastern Anatolia and Mediterranean Region.
Traditional Champions League of Construction and Industry To Start on 17th March 2013 / March 17, 2013
The 5th of our traditional tournament accomplished an important social responsibility project once again, establishing a magnificent atmosphere of soccer excitement interlaced with the universal values of solidarity, friendship, and mutual love. Having joined our forced with KANÇODER to support children suffering from cancer, our league changed its name to KANÇODER Construction and Industry Champions Soccer Tournament. 

Wishing that this year’s tournament will take shape in the framework of friendship, fair play, love, and respect
Yusufeli Dam To Break Grounds / February 26, 2013
The ground breaking ceremony of Yusufeli Dam, the contract of which was awarded on 22nd of November 2012, took place on 26th of February 2013 The dam will be constructed for power purposes on the Çoruh River, 90 kilometers southwest of the province of Artvin, and is going to be Turkey’s highest and the world’s 3rd highest dam with a body height reaching up to 270 meters.

The dam will provide a storage capacity of 2.2 billion m3 and a total of 2.9 million m3 concrete will be utilized to construct the dam’s body. The commissioning of this hydroelectric power plant with an installed capacity of 540 MW will allow for an annual power generation of 1.827 billion kW/h. 

Going to be constructed by Turkish engineers to the full, the dam’s contribution to national economy will be in the range of 330 million TL a year. The dam is expected to make positive contributions also to the region’s economy through the employment of approximately 1000 people during the construction process. The completion of construction works has been set for May 2018.
Kolin Turkish Classical Music Chorus Concerts Begins / February 2, 2013
 The Classical Turkish Music chorus, created by Kolin Construction to endear and popularize the classical Turkish Music within their social responsibility program, has started its activities. We wish success and good luck to Kolin Classical Turkish Music Chorus which will give their first concert at February 2nd, in Ankara State Art and Sculpture Museum.
Kolin Construction Has Sponsored Elazığspor and Giresunspor Professional Soccer Teams / January 24, 2013
After signing of mutual agreements, Kolin Construction has become the jersey sponsor for both Elezığspor and Giresunspor soccer teams during 2012-2013 season of Spor Toto Süper Lig (Turkish soccer league).
Construction of Theology Faculty of Çanakkale 18th March University / December 22, 2012
Under the framework of social responsibility project adopted by Kolin İnşaat Inc, groundbreaking ceremony of the Theology Faculty of Çanakkale 18th March University to be constructed by İÇDAŞ was held on 22nd December 2012., Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Bülent Arınç, Governor of Çanakkale Mr. Azim Tuna, Mayor of Çanakkale Mr. Ülgür Gökhan, Prof. Dr. Sedat Laçiner, Vice Chancellor of the University (ÇOMÜ) and Executive Committee Member of Kolin İnşaat Mr. Celal Koloğlu attended the ceremony. 
The campus area is 32765 m2, 7 blocks will be constructed. It will be the largest in the country. The blocks will have administrative offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, library, sports facilities, recreation and activity lounges, dining hall for students and administrators, language laboratory, atrium,conference lounge with 1500 seat capacities, lobby and exhibition hall. The construction is planned to be completed within 18 months.
Students of Mehmet Koloğlu High School Were in Ankara / December 5, 2012
Students of Mehmet Koloğlu Anatolian High School have visited Universities in Ankara, historical sites as well as Kolin Construction's headquarters during a field tour organized by Kolin Construction between 5th and 7th December 2012.
A Contract Has Been Signed to Construct a Dam in Yusufeli / November 22, 2012
Limak-Cengiz-Kolin group of companies have won the contract to construct the Yusufeli dam and hydroelectric power plant (HES) and contract was signed on 22nd November 2012. 
This 3rd highest dam in the world will be constructed on the Çoruh River, 70 km Southwest of Artvin, in the North Eastern Black Sea region. Forestry and Waterworks Minister Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu, General Director of State Water Works (DSİ) Mr. Akif Özkaldı, Head of Limak Holding Executive Board Mr. Nihat Özdemir, and Head of Cengiz Holding Executive Board Mr. Mehmet Cengiz, Head of Kolin İnşaat Executive Board Mr. Naci Koloğlu attended the signature ceremony.
When construction of Yusufeli concrete arch dam with double curvature and hydroelectric plant is finished the dam will be 270 m high which will be the highest dam in Turkey and the 3rd highest in the world.  
Kahramanmaraş-Göksun Foundation Ceremony / November 20, 2012
The groundbreaking ceremony for Kahranmaraş - Göksun, Göksun Tunnels and viaducts was made by Mr. Binali Yıldırım the Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications on the 20th of November 2012. 
Kolin and AssociatesTender Bid of Meditterranean Electric Distribution Corporation Privatization / November 12, 2012
Meditterranean Electric Distribution Corporation (EDAŞ) has been responsible for the electricity distribution in Antalya, Burdur, Isparta.Under the privatization scheme the project went to  open tendering. Cengiz-Kolin-Limak joint venture place the highest bid and won the tender.

'EDAŞ' has 1.67 million customers in the Antalya, Burdur and Isparta
Kolin Group of Companies Achieved Another Success / October 8, 2012
Hidro-Gen one of Kolin group of companies has won a contract to rent (redovans) the mining right of the Soma lignite deposit on condition that they set up a ‘thermal power plant’. Hidro-Gen will construct a 'thermal power plant' in the Soma Deniş lignite field with 450 MVV capacities.The plant will operate 6000 hours/year to produce 2.7 billion KWh electric.The contract signing ceremony took place in Antalya on the 8th October 2012. 

Taner Yıldız Minister of ‘Energy and Natural Resources’, Hüseyin Tanrıverdi, Selçuk Özdağ, Recai Berber and Muzaffer Yurttaş AK Party members of parliament for Manisa were present at the ceremony.Kolin Construction Inc. chairman of the board Naci Koloğlu signed the contract on behalf of Hidro – Gen.
The Groundbreaking Ceremony Science and Cultural Centre in Şuhut / August 3, 2012
Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu, Forestry and Waterworks Minister attended the foundation laying ceremony of the science and cultural centre in Şuhut. The centre will be a5 storey building covering 6838 m2 area and will have the capacity to accommodate 180 students. It is planned to have classrooms, a small masjid, dining lounge, and dormitories.
Construction League Fellowship Tournament / March 18, 2012
The tournament organized by Kolin Construction in which the Largest Companies of the Construction Sector come together has started with a great enthusiasm on 18th March 2012 Sunday season.
The name list of the teams are as follows: Kolin - Yılcan,  Nurol Holding,  Teb,  Tav Esenboğa, Vera Construction, Özaltın Construction, Biltek Construction, Elimko, Vakıfbank Ebis, Tepe Construction, Rönesans Holding, Borusan Auto, İlci Holding, Metag Construction, General Directorate of Vakıfbank , Eser Construction 
Contract Was Signed For Keçiören Metro / February 2, 2012
The process that will bring metro to Keçiören was started with the Signing Ceremony for Keçiören-Tandoğan Metro Construction Contract on February 2nd, 2012. After the speeches, the contract was signed by Mr. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of Republic of Turkey, Mr. Kemal Güleryüz, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gülermak, Mr. Naci Koloğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kolin İnşaat, and Mr. Tahan, Acting General Director of Infrastructure Investments. 

It is planned that the project, which will considerably facilitate transport to Keçiören district having a population of 850 thousand, is completed within 2,5 years. 
Nezihe Koloğlu Student Dormitory in Kürtün District, Gümüşhane / November 17, 2011
Akköy Enerji A.Ş. executive board supports several social and cultural projects within the Kürtün district which hosts Akköy-I and Akköy-II Hydroelectric plants, operated by the company. One of such projects is “Nezihe Koluğlu Student Dormitory”, a student dormitory for 204. In Kürtün where a dispersed settlement is prevails due to geographic situations, it is decided to construct a student dormitory in talks with the local governance. It’s been agreed upon the building will be delivered to local governance of Gümüşhane, fully functional in accordance with any legal requirements and free of all encumbrances. 

To this end, a protocol agreement has been signed at 17th of November 2011 with the governance of Gümüşhane, the construction project has started at 25th of January, 2012 and completed at 25th of September 2012. The dormitory will start hosting its students for the second semester of 2012-2013. The Project which was planned to have 4 floor and a ground level spans an area of 2,380m2. It has one multi-purpose lounge, 2 work offices, 1 dining hall, 2 study halls, and 51 rooms for 4 students each.
Ankara Pozantı Highway’s Gölcük Kemerhisar Section (7th section) Has Been Completed / November 1, 2011
The 7th step of the Project, which has been started on the existing state highway that is found between Ankara and Pozantı route connecting the West and North of Turkey bearing an intensive traffic load instead of its low physical and geometric standards, has been completed for the aim of constituting an alternative having a high standard. 

Opening ceremony was realized on 1 November 2011 with the participation of Minister of Transport and Communication Dear Binali Yıldırım. 
Metin Koloğlu Vocational Anatolian Health High School Has Been Opened With An Openning Ceremony. / October 12, 2011
Metin Koloğlu Vocational Anatolian Health High School and Sorority Education Complex whose construction in Elazığ has been taken over by Kolin in the scope of Social Responsibility Project, was opened on 12 October 2011 with an opening ceremony. In the ceremony that has been realized by the participation of Minister of Transport and Communication Binali Yıldırım, Ministers of Elazığ; Lawyer Şuay Alpay, Faruk Septioğlu, Elazığ Province Governor Muammer Erol, Izmir Province Governor Cahit Kıraç, Malatya Province Governor Ulvi Saran, National Education Manager Nihat Büyükbaş, Koloğlu Family , bureaucrats, school teachers and students, Demet Moğulkoç, Veysi Akın Koloğlu, and Minister of Transport and Communication Binali Yıldırım have made speech. 

After the speech Minister of Transport and Communication Binali Yıldırım has given a plate to Güzin Kologlu, who is Metin Kologlu’s wife, in the name of Koloğlu Family because of the service that they have given.
Traditional Construction and Industry League Concluded / June 29, 2011
Dorçe and Tepe faced each other in the final game on June, 29. Following a closely vontested game of 90 minutes, the game ended with a score of 2- 2. The score of the final game became 5- 4 after penalty kicks making Dorçe the champion.

We thank to Kolin İnşaat, Limak Holding, Nurol İnşaat, Özaltın İnşaat, Eser Holding, Dorçe Prefabrik Yapı, Metag İnşaat, Tepe İnşaat, Elimko, and İlci İnşaat companies who made our tournament colorful.

Amasra Tour / June 26, 2011
Our Amasra Tour was made on 25.06.2011, Saturday with the attendance of our company’s personnel. Our tour set off by a bus trip in the morning was brought to completion in Ankara again after a fish joy accompanied by the spectacular nature of Amasra in the noontime, then a boat trip and visit of Amasra Castle. 
Ankara’s Drinking Water Dream of 50 Years is Coming / April 29, 2011
Sod-cutting ceremony of the water pipeline tunnel of 31,5 km long which will annully carry 226 million m2 of drinking water from Gerede to Çamlıdere Dam and which will meet the drinking water need of Ankara until 2050 was carried out on 29.04.2011 with the honoring of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Cemil Çiçek and Minister of Environment and Forestry Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu and with the participation of the protocol including General Manager of DSI (SHW) Mr Haydar Koçaker.
Construction of University of Giresun, Doğankent Veysi Akın Koloğlu Vocational School is Completed / March 10, 2010
 Akköy Enerji A.Ş. Executive board, in line with the goal of supporting cultural and social projects, has signed a protocol agreement with the rectorship of University of Giresun, Doğankent prefecture and Doğankent municipality at 10th of March 2010 to construct and deliver fully functional main building along with social facilities, landscaping as well as the necessary equipment in Doğankent district of Giresun city; free of all encumbrances and in accordance with legal requirements. 

 The gross area for the project, which was completed within this year, is 5,226 m2. The main building consists of one meeting room, one seminar room and 21 classrooms distributed among four divisions and covers 862m2 in total.