Transportation and Infrastructure Projects
Transportation and Infrastructure Projects
- Roads, Highways and Motorways
- Railways, High Speed Railways, Metro
- Bridges and Tunnels
- Ports
- Airports
- Urban Infrastructure
Energy Projects, Natural Gas and Electricity Distribution
Agriculture and Hydraulic Projects
- Dams
- Irrigation Systems
- Flood Control
- Water Conveyance System
Energy and Communication Projects
- Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP)
- Water Treatment Facilities
Housing, Building, Industrial Projects
Residential Projects
- Housing Developments & Business Centers
- Hospitals, Schools
- Embassy Building
Touristic Facilities
- Hotels, Touristic Complexes
- Recreational Facilities
Industrial Projects
- Factories and Industrial Facilities
- Pipelines
Industrial Investments
Port and Shipbuilding Yard
Military Projects
- Administration Buildings
- C/B Protected Blast Resistant Buildings
- RFI Shielded Facilities
- Energy and Communication
Environment Oriented Projects
- Sewage Treatmant
- Solid Waste Landfill