Our awareness of social responsibility is one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture…

Basic Values 
The following values compose our basic principles of our social responsibility understanding: 
  • Minimize the effects of its activities on the environment.
  • Take necessary measures to protect the environment and ecological balance.
  • Keep consumption of natural resources to a minimum level.
  • Minimize the effects of its activities on the social environment.
  • Avoid causing any damage to historic artefacts, cultural works and buildings and local cultures.
  • Work towards developing environmental and social awareness.
  • Provide all kinds of financial and moral support in order to strengthen the cultural life and educational background. 

Key For Improvement: Investment In Human
We aware that fundamental element of improvement and development is the "investment in human". Accordingly, we believe that the most effective indicator of social responsibility is to provide support and make contribution to education. On the basis of this, we have built educational establishments since our foundation and are providing support for quality education in these establishments.