Doğankent Collage Dormitory

As an annex to Doğankent Veysi Akın Service Building of Tirebolu Mehmet Bayrak Vocational School, Giresun University currently constructed by Akkoy Energy A.S., a Kolin Insaat affiliate, now Doğankent Collage Dormitory is under construction for 240 beds capacity to resolve the accommodation problem of college students in the district.

Building is designed to be on 6 stories including 1 basement and 1 ground floor. Each floor lodges 20 rooms with 60 beds in total, each room for 3 students as well as 2 study rooms and lounges of 40 m2 and storages for student luggage.

Independently designed from each other in a building, the entrance for boys’ dormitory in the right side of the building while for girls’ dormitory is in the left side.

The basement floor includes separate laundries, prayer room, locker rooms, storages, central heating station, information Technologies room and shelter. 

Manisa Kırkağaç Yüzbaşı Tevfik Bey Primary School
30 classrooms, 2 science and technology laboratories, volleyball/basketball courts are available in the project planned as a basement, ground floor and 3 floors with a total are of 4.200 m2 in Kırkağaç district in Manisa. In addition, a pre-school building with two classrooms will be constructed along with the main building. The project is expected to be ready in 2017-2018 school year. 
Giresun Historical Mansion Restoration

Among the projects realized by our affiliated company Akköy Energy Generation Inc. within our social responsibility consciousness; there is a relief, restitution and restoration works of the historical mansion located in Giresun Merkez, Hacıhüseyin Mah. Fevzi Çakmak Cad. No: 73. The work carried out according to the criteria defined in accordance with the decision of Trabzon Regional Board of Protection of Cultural Heritage, was completed in 2013 and was delivered to Board. 

In addition, after the housings constructed in Zeytinlik neighbourhood which were designed in a complex structure as stony place, laundry area, cistern, well and outhouses, the proclamation of Zeytinlik neighbourhood as II. Degree Environmental Urban Archaeological Site by Protection Board makes us proud as well.

Kolin Turkish Classical Music Chorus

In accordance with our social responsibility consciousness, we, as Kolin Construction, decided to bring Turkish Art Music forward thematically in our events in 2013.

In line with our decision, we initialized a new project "Kolin Turkish Classical Music Chorus" in order to make Turkish Art Music, which is available in our cultural heritage, loved by people and to develop and sustain it in October 2012. We established an amateur chorus under the directorship of Mr Hasan Eylen, one of the chiefs of TRT Ankara Radio and gathered young people who set their hearts on this music. We had contacts with some universities during the formation stage of the chorus and it was stated that scholarships could be provided to the skilled students who may attend the chorus. Project was considered as amazing by the universities and all necessary supports have been committed accordingly. Following the guidance of universities, students who have adequate skills and carry fine voice and ear for music among the ones who are trained for Turkish Music (TAM or TFM) and set their heart on this have been selected and included into the chorus. 

We place a special care that the chorus should be a qualified group composed of qualified voices, where friendship is brought forefront, capable of carrying Turkish Art Music to the future. With this social responsibility project that exhilarates us, we continue to make the young people to love Turkish Music, to create the opportunity for carrying this music to future generations with permanent works, and to raise new voices both for Turkish Art Music.

Şuhut Science and Culture Centre

Şuhut Science and Culture Centre constructed on a land of 3.313 m2 in Şuhut district in Afyonkarahisar for the education and dormitory purposes towards students includes a basement, ground floor, 3 normal floor and roof floor and 6.838 m2 indoor area. 120 male and 60 female students utilize the dormitory building, where girl and boy sections are separated.

The centre also involves open library, internet halls, discussion and conversation rooms for men and women which Şuhut people may use. 

In the complex, there are dining halls where boy and girl students can use at the same time; separate prayer rooms for students and social activity halls, laundry and ironing rooms.

As educational units; there are 4 classrooms for boys each for 24 students and internet hall for 16 students, and 3 classroom for girls each for 24 students and internet hall for 16 students, as well as manager rooms. Dormitory part, including a garden for students, involves rooms for 5 students and study rooms with 5 tables as well.

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Theology

In the Project which has been carried out by the partnership of Kolin Construction and İÇDAŞ, there are 7 blocks totally in the campus, located over 32.765 m2 land on Lot no. 115, Parcel no. 21, in Şekerpınar location, Barbaros Neighborhood, Çanakkale Province. 

Campus area has a border with Bursa- İzmir Highway in the south and with settlement roads on the other directions, and is being constructed so as to involve education blocks in a single parcel. The reinforced concrete carcass structures are constructed according to the rules of the regulation applicable for disaster areas" by prioritizing the security and comfort.

Campus is located on the entrance line to Çanakkale and on such a point which may be easily seen or visited by the people coming to the city or passing through the road. Faculty of Theology to be located in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University stands out as being the biggest one in Turkey. 

In these 7 blocks to be constructed; administrative offices, meeting halls, classrooms, library, sports hall, recreation and activity hall, administrative and student cafeterias, sanctuary, language laboratory, atrium, conference hall with 1.500 chair capacity, seminar rooms and lounge exhibition area are included. 

The total areas of construction of 24.662 m2 are presented in the project as follows: 

BLOCK A: Deanship Building - 5.461 m2 

BLOCK B-C-D: Training and Classroom - 6.820 m2

BLOCK E: Student Social Facility Building - 2.395 m2

BLOCK F: Preparatory School and Library - 6.057 m2

BLOCK H: Conference Hall - 3.929 m2

Metin Koloğlu Vocational High School of Health

Metin Koloğlu Vocational School of Health and Sorority Training Complex undertaken within the scope of our social responsibility project was constructed for providing students with modern education facilities. We began the construction phase of the Metin Koloğlu Vocational School of Health, consisting six blocks covering an area of 8,426 square meters, at the end of 2009 after completing its drawing phase. We completed the education facility which have two facilities for the education of 540 students and two blocks, which can each accommodate 141 students, including dormitory and administrative buildings, a kitchen and a dining hall, and we succeeded to make the educational complex become operational within 2011 - 2012 school year. The complex consists of 18 classrooms, each of which can seat 30 students, 3 specialized classrooms, 5 laboratories, 4 technical rooms, 1 multi-purpose room, outdoor and indoor sports areas, basketball and volleyball courts, locker rooms for boys and girls, an infirmary, rooms for doctors and nurses, and rooms for disabled students.

Elazığ Mehmet Koloğlu Anatolian High School and Nezihe Koloğlu Dormitory For Girls

Presented to our country through the "Support for Education Campaign in Turkey", Elazığ Mehmet Koloğlu Anatolian High School and Nezihe Koloğlu Dormitory for Girls make up one of the most comprehensive educational support projects undertaken in the private sector to date. 

Completed with a $3 million investment, the complex was turned over to the Ministry of National Education to open its doors to education and training. Elazığ Mehmet Koloğlu High School and Nezihe Koloğlu Dormitory for Girls consist of totally 5 blocks covering an area of 70,000 square meters. 3 of the blocks enable the education of 600 students while the other 2 blocks provide a dining hall and accommodation for 125 female students. The complex offers modern educational opportunities to students and houses 24 classrooms, each of which can seat 25 students. There are also sports facilities such as an outdoor sports area, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a tennis court and a running track, and physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, a hobby room, music, painting and computer workshops, library and a multi-purpose hall.

Gümüşhane Province Kürtün District Nezihe Koloğlu Student Dormitory

Akköy Energy Generation Inc., our affiliated company, Board of Directors supports various projects with social and cultural purposes in Kürtün District, showing a geographically dispersed structure in terms of locations of settlements, where Akköy I and Akköy II HES, where the company is working, are located. One of these projects is "Nezihe Koloğlu Student Dormitory" with 204 student capacity.


At the end of 2010, in line with the decision made to construct a dormitory in this district according to the discussion between the Board of Directors and the Governorate, a settlement was reached for the "construction the dormitory building involving environmental planning, social plants, lodging and equipment, and the school shall be transferred to T.R. Gümüşhane Governance with material and legal competences set forth by the applicable legislation, as free from all kinds of fee, expenses and similar financial liabilities in this respect thereof". For this purpose, a protocol was signed with Gümüşhane Governorate on 17.11.2011. The project was started to be constructed on 25.01.2012 and completed on 25.09.2012. The dormitory entered into service in the 2nd semester of 2012-2013 school year. The project is designed as a ground floor and 4 floors, totally including a housing space of 492 m2 and bearing a total construction area of 2.380 m2. Building involves; 1 multi- purpose hall, 2 work offices, 1 dining hall, 2 study room and 51 rooms each for 4 persons.

Republic of Turkey Giresun University Doğankent Veysi Akın Koloğlu Vocational School

Our affiliated company Akköy Energy Inc. also supports our social and cultural projects. Company's Board of Directors decided that "Republic of Turkey Giresun University Doğankent Veysi Akın Koloğlu Vocational Academy" building, in Doğankent district of Giresun, shall be constructed, involving environmental planning, social plants, lodging and equipment, and the school shall be transferred to T.R. Giresun University with material and legal competences set forth by the applicable legislation, as free from all kinds of fee, expenses and similar financial liabilities in this respect thereof. For this purpose, Giresun University Presidency signed a joint protocol with on Doğankent District Governorate and Doğankent Municipality on 10.03.2010. 

The housing space of the building which is designed as a basement and 5 floors is 862 m2, whereas the total construction area is 5.226 m2. The construction of the building was started on 21.04.2011. The basement is designed to include 2 dining halls and a canteen. As regards other 5 floors; the right side of the building is designed as classroom and the left side is designed as administrative offices. The building including 2 meeting rooms, 5 seminar halls, 5 computer classrooms, 12 classrooms and 29 administrative offices were completed on 30.09.2012.
Samsun Alaçam Kolin Primary School
As Kolin Construction, we constructed an 18-classroom primary school in Alaçam district of Samsun in order to support primary education. It was turned over to the Ministry of National Education after being constructed within 10 months. The school opened its doors in the 1999 - 2000 school year. Today, Samsun Alaçam Kolin Primary School provide education and training for 650 students.