“Imagination lies at the heart of innovation. And, training comprises a substantial part of the activities we carry out to foster imagination and to improve the skill sets of our employees. These cultivated and knowledgeable people power our R&D efforts.”


What it means to be a KOLOĞLU HOLDING employee…
Enjoying world-class success and representing Turkey globally. Koloğlu Holding recognizes its “workforce” as one of its most crucial assets, and thus provides them with continuous support and every means while rewarding success. Based on the human resources motto, the Holding aspires to consistently grow further by expanding its operations.

A Massive 24,000-Strong Workforce: KOLOĞLU HOLDING
As of the close of 2019, we provide employment to a total of 24,760 people, of which 3,760 are foreign nationals. Blue- and white-collar personnel consist of 54 percent and 46 percent, respectively.

A bulk of the workforce is comprised of seasoned engineers and technical personnel who are all experts in their fields.

Koloğlu Holding greatly contributes to the Turkish economy by providing significant employment in many of its industries, particularly in construction. Of the personnel working at the Holding, 51 percent and 49 percent are employed at Kolin Construction and at the Holding’s other group companies, respectively. Koloğlu Holding strives to create and nurture a culture of human resources policy that values participation, sharing, impartiality, transparency, diversity and creativity. We know that social and economic prosperity is possible only in an amicable work environment. As such, for the past 43 years without exception, the company has set an example as a harmonious workplace while maintaining good relations with employees in an effort to build a safe organization that is compliant with occupational health and safety laws.

Precedence for “Rightfulness”
Our recruitment principle is based on “placing the right person in the right position at the right time.” As a prominent international company, we aim to recruit experienced and trained people in line with their skillset to achieve optimum efficiency for all parties. We collaborate with various human resources agencies and utilize next-generation career platforms during the recruiting process of candidates, of whom we expect to adapt to the company culture as soon as possible.

Training Equals Development
The Company’s Human Resources Department takes part in industry seminars, congresses and training sessions to ensure they “have a good understanding of current HR practices and keep abreast of developments to apply them within the organization.”

The Holding understands that growing as a group each day depends on comprehensible staff training and activities. Therefore, we place emphasis on implementing contemporary and strategic human rights practices and on maximizing the personal and professional development of the company personnel.

The Human Resources Department prepares the annual training program based on the varying personnel demands and needs by holding discussions with department heads and staff from other company affiliates. These discussions involve identification and implementation of the types of training that are required to help the employees improve themselves personally and professionally and bolster their performance.

Training performance and results are assessed at the end of each year to determine whether the goals have been achieved. Each year, a new goal is set to surpass the results and duration of the training sessions from the previous year.

Training sessions include, “Quality Management System,” “Internal Audit,” “Career Planning,” “Occupational Health and Safety,” “Developing a Culture of Leadership and Service,” and “Corporate-Focused Development.” Employees’ knowledge base is bolstered with these training sessions, in addition to other occupational training programs.

Equal Opportunity in Education and Fair Task Distribution
We aim to increase employee engagement with our recently adopted ‘equal opportunity in education and fair task distribution’ principle.

By distributing satisfaction questionnaires, we solicit the opinions of our employees, who are a part of the company. We set the improvement priorities based on their opinions.

We organize various activities, such as indoor and outdoor tournaments or touristic trips, to increase employee morale and involvement. New additions to the company learn about the ideal of “family” while we set employee satisfaction as a priority. As such, we persevere in our efforts to reinforce employee engagement, as they are the company’s “most valuable asset.”