Koloğlu Holding, which is a pioneer in the fields of contracting, industry, tourism, energy and service, has placed corporate sustainability at the center of its business approach. With this approach, Koloğlu Holding aims to support sustainable development within its own body and its subsidiaries. It adopts strategies and acts with the awareness of its responsibility towards the society and the environment in Turkey and the geographies where it operates.
In this direction, Koloğlu Holding aims to carry out its activities within the framework of the following principles:

• To act in accordance with the relevant local and international regulations while carrying out its activities,

• To exhibit an approach that takes into account the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in line with its sustainability strategy and activities,

• To carry out its activities in compliance with ethical business principles and within the framework of corporate governance principles,

• To manage the direct environmental impacts caused by its activities in the most effective way, to take relevant measures for the protection of biological diversity and natural resources,

• To act with the awareness of the risks brought about by climate change,

• To act with business processes and policies that care about human rights, occupational health and safety with the understanding of providing a safe and decent work environment, to announce its approach to its stakeholders with the "Human Rights Policy", to convey this understanding to its employees and the supply chain,

• To adopt technologies and practices that support energy and resource efficiency,

• To follow the R&D and innovation-oriented business development approach,

• To carry out its activities within the framework of the understanding of supporting local communities and regional development in the countries where it operates,

• To pay attention to the stakeholder expectations, attribute importance to stakeholder participation and establish long-term relationships with stakeholders,

• To continue to support society and sustainable development through social responsibility projects,

• To follow the sustainability approach in the supply chain with the "Supply Chain Policy",

• To support sectoral sustainability practices in line with membership collaborations and initiatives,

This policy is monitored periodically in line with the requirements and updated when deemed necessary. The Sustainability Committee is responsible for updating the policy. The policy entered into force on 26.04.2021 with the approval of the Board of Directors.