“For Koloğlu Holding, utilizing Turkey’s resources is a matter of national importance. With such a vision, Kolin invests in the mining industry and operates a private iron bed in Hekimhan, Malatya. Our group is striving to achieve growth in the industry with the goal of adding Turkey’s ores to the economy.”



Hekimhan Madencilik A.Ş., a subsidiary of Koloğlu Holding, has been operating the iron mine in the Deveci village region of the Hekimhan district in Malatya. The mine has a production capacity of approximately two million tonnes/year. The Deveci iron mine is the second-largest iron zone in Turkey with over 40 million tonnes of siderite reserves. It is also considered Turkey’s largest manganiferous iron zone with a high manganese content in its ore. Since its foundation, Hekimhan Madencilik A.Ş. has continued to expand its operations in terms of investment, production and sales. The company will enrich its manganese-potent, low-impurity siderite ore via a calcination plant, offers a unique raw material to the domestic and foreign markets. Hekimhan Madencilik A.Ş. stands out among Turkish iron mining companies in terms of quality and capacity, and facilitates substantial foreign exchange savings for the Turkish economy through investments. The company creates employment, focuses on customer satisfaction and is open to development. With its experienced and competent staff, and by enjoying the strength and confidence afforded by inclusion within the Koloğlu Holding, Hekimhan Madencilik aims for great breakthroughs. With this in mind, the company plans to expedite its research on other mining investment opportunities across Turkey to make new value-added investments, reduce imports and create export opportunities in the new, to-be-acquired mining sites.