“Since our inception, we have kept our word and delivered the highest-quality work on time regardless of the project demands or conditions. Kolin is the embodiment of hard work, dedication, courage and ambition.”

Standing/left to right : 
board member), 
M. Kemal KOLOĞLU (General Coordinator)
Sitting/left to right : 
Veysi Akın KOLOĞLU (board member), 
Naci KOLOĞLU (Chairman of the Board)

We tirelessly adhere to the principle of delivering the highest-quality work on time regardless of the project demands or conditions, which has been our ethos since day one. Although this principle burdens us with endless responsibilities, it always works for the benefit of the company in the long run. The company continues to witness technological reinventions. We've been here since the early oil lamp days. From those days to cutting-edge power plants, from dirt roads to giant transportation investments, Kolin has played a significant role in large-scale global projects.

Kolin aspires to research, learn and effectively implement information, and contribute to the country’s economy with every project. We take responsibility, particularly in the areas of education, social welfare and environmental health, rather than looking to the government for help.

Honor the commitments on projects and act honestly and transparently with all parties. Complete projects on time and deliver outstanding results by managing the design, procurement, production, construction and implementation stages in the best way with a young, experienced and well-versed human resources.

Continuously update our expertise and technology, and employ them in new investments. Strengthen our virtues of reliability, prestige, boldness and expertise, and continue to “Build Lasting Works in the Service of Civilization.” Remain a leader of the global construction industry and pioneer in every business we undertake as in Turkey.

We have never shied away from taking risks and have successfully completed every major project. We have powered our economy by employing thousands. Behind our success lies 46 years of experience, knowledge-driven leadership, quality and efficiency. We possess the patience, dedication and diligence that is inherent in Turkish people. We firmly uphold our business motto and make no concessions on the company’s principles when it comes to investment projects, which are spread across various industries including construction, energy, industrial production, tourism, education, and culture. As such, we are a reliable company undertaking massive domestic and international projects, and contributing to the industry and the Turkish economy by attracting foreign currency. 

Kolin Construction has grown into a leading global brand through substantial development feats. We work tirelessly to preserve the trust of our people and the success of Kolin.

 “We Build Lasting Works in the Service of Civilization.”
We are grateful to our colleagues, business partners and employees. Their unwavering help and support has made Kolin one of the most prestigious Turkish companies.