“Every year, Koloğlu Holding continues to grow stronger by diversifying in different industries. The Koloğlu family’s first company, Kolsan, was founded in 1976, followed by Kolin Construction in 1977. The journey that began in Elazığ has reached every corner of Turkey and beyond our borders.”




The Koloğlu family’s journey began with Kolsan A.Ş. in 1976 and Kolin İnşaat in 1977 in Elazığ, following which the family decided to continue their path in Ankara by transforming into a national group and, later, a global group. The achievements on national and international levels made by Kolin İnşaatn on transport and infrastructure construction works, and the subsequent organizational skills they developed, led to the ever-growing family’s involvement in other areas of activity. In time, and in addition to engaging in transport and infrastructure construction works, Kolin İnşaat became a company that partners with corporations operating in a wide range of industries, such as energy generation (through hydroelectric and thermal power plants), energy distribution and trade (electricity and natural gas), mining, port and marina management, shipbuilding, industrial production, logistics, services and commerce. In 2015, factoring Kolin İnşaat’s asset size and range of operations, a decision was made to transform these partnerships into a corporate holding structure that will allow them to be grouped under common interests and separate administrative structures, which led to the establishment of Koloğlu Holding A.Ş.. Koloğlu Holding A.Ş houses numerous companies, including Kolin İnşaat, operating at national and global levels in other industries and continues its activities by providing them administrative and financial support.

With the awareness of its environmental and social responsibilities, Koloğlu Holding believes in sustainable development by investing in human resources and carrying out its activities in line with the principles of social responsibility. The activities of corporate sustainability strategy and policies have been accelerated, and social responsibility projects have been unified under the roof of Koloğlu Education Foundation.