“Our Group, a leading global brand exhibiting regional growth, draws strength from Turkey to develop great projects and investments with over 50 companies in a wide variety of businesses, including construction, energy, industrial, tourism, education, and culture.’’

Headquartered in Ankara, the Turkish capital, the company surges as a global brand among the world giants with projects on three continents. We are proud of performing great feats worth nearly $2 billion per year across a wide range of industries, primarily in construction and energy sector. The catalog of accomplishments includes mega undertakings such as roads that connect the world, rail systems, major infrastructure investments, Istanbul Airport, and state-of-the-art power plants, dams, ports, military installations, hotels, dormitories, and schools. A sound and long-established company, Kolin turns its equity's boundless potential and energy into investments to contribute to the world’s assets.

Kolin came into being as a construction company in Elazığ. The saga that began in this formidable region boasts bold risks and massive undertakings that were accomplished with pride. The lands on which we were born taught us to take risks. Elazığ is an industrial city that has grown through private enterprise. We have flourished along with the determined and devoted people of our city, which is unsuitable for agriculture or animal husbandry. From day one in 1977, engineer members of the Koloğlu family established the abiding principles of the company by combining the power of knowledge with the prowess of our people and carried to the present. The reputation we have built in the eyes of the Turkish people is a culmination of these principles and the commitment to our corporate values. We have never compromised on quality, efficiency or on growth, for which the focus is on people and knowledge.

Established in 1977, Kolin Construction is the "flagship” of Koloğlu Holding. The construction industry is our primary area of operations and provides the capital for the large investments we make in various regions. As an expert construction company, the Kolin name appears on reliable roads that bind Turkey; on the dams, which represent abundance; on infrastructure projects; and on prestigious mega structure constructions.

With a 30-percent share in Turkey’s gross national product, the construction industry has been serving as the leading sector for economic growth. The Group is proud to be one of the major players that contributes to this growth. Kolin also bears the title of completing the maximum number of road construction projects in the country.

Kolin Construction is a leading brand in Turkey and the world. In addition to Turkey, the construction company of colossal investment projects conducts operations on three continents. Kolin is regarded among the world’s most accomplished companies and helps to bring civilization to many parts of the world through its overseas projects. The company stands out as a global powerhouse in the industry and is regarded as a trusted pillar of the Turkish construction industry in the region. We bolster the industry’s reputation while adding value to the world economy through overseas construction projects, which we undertake with great sacrifices.

Kolin Construction embarks on hefty transportation and investment projects on an expansive region that stretches from Libya to Azerbaijan and Uganda. The company has overseas offices in Azerbaijan, Libya, Oman, Poland, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Thanks to its strategic target-focused investment approach, Kolin Construction ranks among the industry’s fastest-growing companies on a global scale. A construction powerhouse, Kolin operates in a range of industries by combining experience and competency with economic growth goals. In particular, the company has grown into a major player in the energy industry. We continue to generate electricity by using the power of our rivers following our first-ever hydro electric generation project of Akköy Hydroelectric Power Plant (HES), which is among the top five in the world with a 1,220-meter height of fall.

One of the Group’s important goals involves utilizing our eco- and life-friendly, renewable energy resources. We proudly profess to accomplishing this goal in all of our undertakings. The efforts we made to protect the environment during the construction of the Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant, “Turkey’s biggest project undertaken using domestic lignite,” serve as just one example of the deep respect the company shows for nature and the environment.

Kolin Construction achieves the same rate of success not only in the construction and energy industries, but also in the mining, industrial and tourism sectors, through consistent and sustainable growth. Kolin has a multitude of construction projects under its belt, including major transportation feats like highways, freeways, viaducts, railways, metros, high speed trains, and tunnels, as well as ports, dams, modern irrigation systems, treatment systems, water transportation systems, flood protection structures, industrial complexes, heavy-duty repair and maintenance workshops, pipelines, mass housing, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, military establishments, building-housing projects, student dormitories, social facilities, schools, and energy, communication and transportation projects.

Listed among the top-250 construction companies, the company justifiably enjoys its standing as a world giant. We have gained the trust of the world finance markets with a sound financial standing and hundred-percent job completion rate. We provide funding for large-scale infrastructure and superstructure projects, thanks to the potential created by our high credibility. Kolin is an influential and sought-after global partner that cooperates with prominent financial institutions such as the World Bank, European Investment Bank (EIB), Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Fund, Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development (AFSED), and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).


The most crucial support we receive comes from our employees as we strive to maintain our leading position in global competition and continuously invest in Turkey. We have never shied away from investing in our employees and technology. Our approach to leadership is based on corporate values as we realize it takes great teams and a team effort to carry out great projects. Through this approach, we learn and grow together as our employees adopt corporate goals as their own in their performance.

Imagination lies at the heart of innovation. We draw inspiration from human nature and equip our employees with knowledge. Our teams share common beliefs, values and goals with a shared synergy. R&D, innovation and technology are significant areas for our Group. We never compromise on our occupational health and safety, which is at an international standard. Furthermore, we quickly adapt to global developments and conduct work in accordance with national and international quality, environment and safety directives. Each phase of our operations is audited by independent institutions and company officers. We fulfill our commitment of “employment, opportunities and a source of income” to the highest standards.

Kolin has not forgotten that since the day it was founded, the reason for its existence is the land where it was born, Turkey.The Group operation occurs in a number of fields and is much more than just figures, estimations and calculations.

We conduct many social responsibility projects in fulfillment of our duty to the world and humanity. To this end, we build schools, dorms, social facilities and hospitals, and we touch lives through culture and arts events. In all its endeavors, the Kolin Group of Companies retains the enthusiasm it had on its first day.

Today, we complete projects on a global scale with the same devotion that we had when we built the Elazığ Main Post Office Building in 1977. For us, no job is too big or small; we simply strive to excel in the face of the toughest challenges.