“Construction and contracting businesses are the driving force behind Koloğlu Holding. With ARMCO, we compete with domestic production in the global railway systems market. ARMIN implements electrical equipment for all kinds of construction and industrial plants at high standards. And Kolsan, the first company of our group, continues to serve proudly in various areas of the construction industry.”



ARMCO was founded in 2017 with the mission of producing state-of-the-art, globally adopted railway system technology using national resources. In the national and international railway market, Armco has become a supplier of sustainable transportation systems and a major solution partner of railway signalization works by successfully implementing the design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of electromechanical systems, conducting maintenance services, and by aiming to produce projects bearing domestic added value. ARMCO has created added value by developing domestic solutions in the fields of electrification, signaling and telecommunications systems in many railway projects in our country, including the Başkent Ray project. With its team of experts, the company has performed the transfer of technology and taken firm steps to develop the existing technical know-how. ARMCO is a visionary company that offers perfectionist solutions in all areas of railway works, including project design, implementation, engineering solutions and management. The company aims to make a name for itself not only in Turkey but across the entire global market. It also aims to fully utilize domestic solutions in its investments and projects to reduce our dependency on foreign resources.



ARMIN ELECTRIC was established in 2000 to undertake and provide the sub-contracting jobs necessitated by the electrical installations and equipment used in all construction and industrial plants as well as in the related business lines, both domestically and abroad. Since its foundation, the company has enjoyed continuous development and expansion thanks to its business practices, which are based on the quality and trust it provides to both real and legal entities. The company successfully completed a number of turnkey projects, from project preparation to commissioning and the subsequent maintenance of the investments it has undertaken in electromechanics, energy transmission-generation, highway lighting, energy distribution, catenary systems and telecommunications. Armin Elektrik provides preparation and documentation services for an array of electricity projects, including all kinds of structures related to production and contracting. Additionally, its group of experts prepare all engineering calculations, project details, estimate summaries and compendiums, material brand lists, unit price tariffs and technical designs required by the projects. In the coming years, Armin Elektrik will continue raising the bar as it has during its last 20 years of achievements. Our company is growing its goals day by day and will one day gain its competitive strength in the domestic and international markets from its quality policy and customer satisfaction. Our goal is not only to successfully deliver electricity solutions, but to become a leading player and specialist in the energy sector. This is why we have retained our customers as our permanent strategic partners.



Kolsan Inşaat Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established in 1976. At our Ankara plant, we manufacture PVC tunnel type drainage pipes (DN 100, DN 150, DN 200, DN 315 and DN 355, horseshoe cross-sectioned) in accordance with TS 13492 and DIN 4262 Form F standards. These pipes have successfully functioned on public roads and highways commissioned by the Turkish General Directorate of Highways (KGM), in projects of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), Housing Development Administration (TOKI), DHL, State Hydraulic Works (DSI), in school projects commissioned by provincial special administrations, metro constructions, bodies of dams, pumping stations, management facilities, drainage of agricultural lands, parks and gardens with high subsurface water levels, athletic fields, solid waste landfill facilities and individual constructions. These pipes were developed to inhibit the leakage of water from joints in drainage systems constructed using concrete pipes. They are also designed to prevent drainage pipes to leak collected water at the spot in drainage systems constructed using either perforated drainage pipes or spiral-wound pipes used in subsurface drainage, rainwater and sewage systems, produced according to the TSE 12312 standards. Produced in the standard size of 6 meters, these pipes feature a flat base and UV resistance, and are muffled on one end. Our pipes provide low labor costs thanks to their ease of installation and simple stackability. The pipe product range also includes connectors such as T-shaped fittings, sleeves, cross connectors, and 45- and 90-degree elbow connectors. Using our connectors in place of concrete manholes in spillways can create significant material and labor savings in DSI projects.



Kolsan is a reliable supplier offering high-quality ready-mixed concrete. The company began the production and sales of ready-mixed concrete in Afyon under the name “Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete” in 1996. Kolsan became a solution partner for its customers in Ankara by establishing the “Eryaman Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant” in Eryaman in 2010, which was subsequently relocated to Şaşmaz district in 2018. The company commissioned the “AKM Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant” in 2012 as the ready-mixed concrete supplier of Keçiören-Tandoğan metro line project. With a high customer satisfaction goal and superior service approach, Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete provides consistency in professionalism and quality across the entire production process, which encompasses a range of activities from the provision of materials, systematic control and maintenance of facilities in the first stage of production to the secure and compliant delivery of concrete. Thanks to its team of experts and modern plants that meet global standards, Kolsan offers high-quality production for concrete projects that require precision. Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete owes its success to a strong group structure, young and dynamic workforce and an emphasis on innovation. The ensuing speed and creativity makes Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete strong and sustainable. In its regions of operation, Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete has undertaken the duty of ready-mixed concrete supplier for a number of projects of varying volumes and has successfully delivered on all of its commitments. Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete has made its mark on many important projects from Mamak, Çankaya and Eryaman to Pursaklar and Kazan in Ankara and from Emirdağ and Çay to Sandıklı in the Afyon region. Kolsan is among the strongest ready-mixed concrete companies with the highest regional market share. The company has secured its position among the region’s most significant aggregate manufacturers thanks to its aggregate production capacity of 800 tonnes/hour in a total of three quarries. These are located in the Central district of Afyonkarahisar, namely in the Karaaslan and Işıklar quarters and in the Bayramgazi quarter in the Kütahya direction. The modern Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete plants are in compliance with global standards and have a minimum installed production capacity of 120 cubic meters/hour for each plant and 500 cubic meters/hour for Ankara plants. The company guarantees concrete strengths above concrete grade standards in a variety of concrete grades from C12 to C40. It does this by virtue of the laboratories, which comply with TS EN 206-1 standards and are established in all of its plants. Kolsan Ready-Mixed Concrete is subject to the “Quality Assurance System” (KGS). Our company’s quality standards are validated by our TSE certification in aggregate and ready-mixed concrete, and by our CE and G certification in aggregate. The company closely follows industry developments and innovations. Kolsan keeps up with all industry developments and innovation by closely following industry-related regional and national congresses, seminars, training activities, and publications. Additionally, Kolsan aims to bolster its position as a reliable supplier of high-quality products by maintaining its leadership in its regions of operation through an experienced workforce and innovation capabilities.