"Kolin has made its mark on Turkey’s safe, high-standard highways. We connect Asia to Europe, Marmara to Anatolia and cities to cities. Kolin plays its part in creating a modern country with a high-standard, high-quality and safe transportation network."



Kolin Inşaat Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has a 20-percent partnership in the Construction, Operation and Transfer of Kınalı–Odayeri and Kurtköy–Akyazı Sections (including access roads) of the Northern Marmara Highway Project. The project, which connects the Asian and European continents, is of utmost importance for the transportation network of Turkey and the Marmara Region. The Northern Marmara Highway consists of a total of six separate sections, three on the European continent and three on the Asian continent. The European continent sections comprise the Kınalı–Yassıören Junction, Yassıören Junction–Odayeri, and Habibler–Hasdal sections; and the Asian continent sections include the Kurtköy–Airport Junction, Airport Junction–Izmit Junction, and Izmit Junction–Akyazı sections. Among these, the Kınalı–Yassıören Junction section was completed in March 2020, the Yassıören Junction–Odayeri section in November 2018 and the Kurtköy–Airport Junction section in May 2019. Upon completion of the project, high-standard, safe, high-quality and uninterrupted access will be provided for international and intercity traffic in the northern part of Istanbul and the Marmara Region. Furthermore, the Northern Marmara Highway will separate intercity and international traffic from regional and urban traffic, significantly reducing the traffic load on existing transportation networks and Bosporus bridges. The highway also provides fast and easy transportation to the Istanbul Airport. When all sections are completed, the Northern Marmara Highway will join with the Edirne–Kınalı–Istanbul–Ankara Highway and the Istanbul–Izmir Highway, connecting the Marmara region with the Aegean and Central Anatolia regions through a network of highways. Whereby, it is planned to reduce the time it takes to reach from Istanbul to Bursa to 1.5 hours, from Istanbul to Eskişehir to 2.5 hours, and from Istanbul to Izmir and to Ankara to 3.5 hours.