“Kolin is a well-established global company with a sound corporate structure, culture and values. Through a knowledge-driven management approach, we have combined the highest business standards with the unique values that are instilled in our tradition.”


We put quality, trust and stability first in all our operations. Kolin’s corporate philosophy is comprised of “business strategies that depend on the employees, customers and development”; “ethical conduct standards”; and “economic and social sustainability.” This philosophy requires all employees embrace the corporate values as standard conduct. The Company’s management approach flourishes through the transparency, fairness, responsibility and accountability principles. It is critical that we ensure our management structure is considered “reliable” by all parties with whom we collaborate.  We conduct ourselves in line with this notion and never compromise from the fundamental corporate values in the Company.

Kolin Construction stands out as one of the few organizations with a three-tiered integrated quality management system and the first-ever to acquire it in its industry.

In the annals of the business, we proudly display the “ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System,” the “ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System” and the “ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System” certificates acquired in 2002. The Company’s quality philosophy entails a commitment to offering customers quality products and services, as well as to providing benefits to society, and a safe and contemporary work environment to its employees while mitigating environmental damage from our operations. We want employees to have passion for the Company, develop themselves by using their creativity and to remain highly enthusiastic at all times. The management squad consists of young, dynamic and broad-minded individuals who eagerly embrace the Company’s mission and vision in pursuit of success while demonstrating faith in contemporary business collaborations and in the power of teamwork. We continuously improve sustainability and effectiveness by fully implementing the requirements of our Quality Management System, identifying processes, determining risks and opportunities to increase positive results and further development, and supporting risk-based thinking.

In every project we undertake we seamlessly comply with customer demands and the applicable legislative requirements to provide the service or product without issues.

We cater to customers’ needs and offer assurance for our work by continuously improving quality standards. We handle each project with the same principles at the best quality by applying the most advanced technological means with aspirations to further improve each time. To ensure compliance with Company goals, we always review our quality policy. We create an effective control and monitoring process by using modern management information systems. In line with these principles, we improve customer satisfaction each day by effectively implementing the Quality Management System.

Kolin Construction adopts an environment policy that preserves and advances the quality of life of its employees and other stakeholders while shaping the Company’s operations in line with these principles to minimize their environmental impact.
We observe the following environmental rules:

Determine the environmental impact of our operations and take every measure to prevent any adverse effects.
• Effectively utilize the energy and natural sources needed for our operations and take the necessary steps to prevent waste.
• Manage the waste created as a result of our operations, take due precautions and continuously improve them to prevent air, water and soil contamination.
• Comply with environmental and legislative requirements and other provisions by the associations of which we are a member when performing our work and offering our services and products.
• Ensure continuous compliance to our policies in all environmental endeavors.
• Check at the very first stage for any possible environmental damage to prevent harm to the lives, properties and assets of everyone involved, and maintain continuous monitoring to implement necessary changes and ensure the highest level of protection.
• Maintain transparency of operations while ensuring public interest.
• Conduct training and awareness to raise environmental awareness in employees.


Occupational health and safety is indispensable for Kolin Construction.
Minimizing possible losses and creating a safe and healthy work environment are among the Company’s paramount objectives.
The Company’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy is developed in line with this purpose:

• Take all precautions to prevent injuries and health issues, and continuously improve OHS management and performance at the Company.
• Comply with the current OHS legislation as well as the provisions by the customers and the associations of which we are a member to protect the health and safety of all our employees, suppliers, subcontractors and everyone else affected by our operations.
• Continuously apply the Company’s policies in all OHS practices.
 Make the necessary announcements and conduct training and awareness programs to ensure all employees and contractors working under the Company have an understanding of their OHS responsibilities.
• Ensure that OHS endeavors are suitable and accessible for the related parties.
• Perform periodic reviews of the OHS policies to ensure continuous compliance to Company’s operations.
• During our operations, protect all employees and those affected by our work from occupational injuries and illnesses.
• Identify hazards immediately and take the necessary measures to prevent them and to provide every protection during implementation to safeguard the lives, properties and assets of the employees and everyone else.
• Perform continuous control, improvement and reform actions, primarily by the OHS teams and other involved employees, to mitigate and prevent risks during our operations.
• Seek the opinions and suggestions of our employees and representatives regarding our OHS work.