“Since its foundation, Kolin has grown by depending on information and technology. Operating in the IT industry with the goal of becoming an actor in the digital world, Kolin offers technology to the business world with its IT company, Su Bilgi.”




Su Bilgi, a Koloğlu group subsidiary, is one of Turkey’s established and leading IT companies and has provided technology to the world of business for more than nine years. Su Bilgi gives companies a competitive advantage and improves their efficiency through innovative products and services. It also maintains its leadership in the industry through its vision, business style, and the value it attaches to its stakeholders. Su Bilgi plays the leading role in the digital transformation of companies. The firm offers several products and services in areas such as central IT purchasing, infrastructure design, security, corporate mobility, business solutions, software development, operational management, digital communication and auditing, and IT consultancy services. Su Bilgi digitalizes the total value chains of its customers from supply chains to customer experience. For this purpose, the company provides proactive products and services according to the business needs of its customers who are engaged in the energy, distribution of the natural gas, construction, tourism, shipbuilding and insurance sectors. Su Bilgi brings industries into the future with its innovative solutions and technologies. Su Bilgi has established strong strategic partnerships with the world’s largest technology producers. The company creates an effective ecosystem by combining the needs of its customers in the digital transformation journey with fitting business partners. Su Bilgi builds sustainable relations with the world’s most important technology centers through R&D projects, which are its gateway to the global market. Located in METU Teknokent, a prominent hub for software companies in Turkey, the R&D and Innovation Center carries out projects that offer competitive advantages by serving the development of the industry and our country through its engineers, who produce solutions for tomorrow’s needs. Su Bilgi has earned a remarkable reputation in the industry for its flexible and modular SCADA software, which was developed to facilitate the centralized monitoring, reporting and management of distributed SCADA automation system processes of varying types. The company produces turnkey projects in the SCADA automation systems field and continues to develop its business network with prominent companies in Turkey, in particular with the Koloğlu Holding.