“Kolin Construction is a well-established Turkish company that grows stronger in different sectors. Considered among the strongest companies of the world with its success graph at home and abroad, our group undertakes major projects and investments in many different sectors such as construction, energy, mining, industry, tourism and education."


Kolin Construction celebrates its 46th year with more than 50 group companies in a myriad of industries, primarily construction and energy. Though we set out as a construction company, we were also hungry to pursue other industries. As such, we identified opportunities in the global economy and boldly steered our expertise, capital and enthusiasm towards other industries.
Kolin Construction, the flagship company of Koloğlu Holding, provides the equity for the investments in various fields, primarily energy. One of the very few “hybrid-thinking” companies of the era, Kolin stands out because of the interdisciplinary skills it has acquired through its experience across various industries. We are present in every corner of Turkey, from Çanakkale to Gümüşhane, Trabzon to Şanlıurfa, or İzmir to Artvin with massive power plants, dams, grand industrial investments, roads, railway transport systems, schools, and hospitals.
The Company continues to create “jobs, opportunities and a source of income” to repay its debt of gratitude to its homeland while representing Turkey with pride through ventures in many corners of the world, including countries such as Libya, Azerbaijan and Uganda, as well as Turkey, on three continents.


Transport and Infrastructure Projects
 Roads, Freeways and Highways 
 Railways, High-Speed Railway Lines, Metro
 Bridges and Tunnels  Bridges and Tunnels
 Airports  Urban Infrastructure

Agriculture, Irrigation and Energy Projects
 Dams  Hydroelectric Power Plants (HEPP)
 Irrigation Systems  Flood Protection Structures
 Water Transportation Systems

Environmental Projects
 Solid Waste Storage  Sewage
       Water Treatment Facilities

Building, Housing and
Industrial Facility Projects

 Housing Projects, Business Centers 
 Hospitals, Schools  Embassy Buildings

Touristic Facilities
 Hotel, Motel and Tourism Facilities 
 Entertainment Facilities 

Industrial Projects
 Factories, Industrial Facilities  Pipelines

Defense and Military Facilities

 Administrative Buildings and Housing
 C/B Explosion Resistant Protection Buildings 
 RFI Protection Facilities  Communication and Energy  
 High-Technology Production Facilities