“We have a say in the sea. Kolin acknowledges the global significance of maritime trade, and conducts port operations and shipbuilding by conveying its experience to these areas. The environmental safety of the Dardanelles Strait, which enemy soldiers failed to pass 100 years ago, is now entrusted to Kolin. The Çanakkale facility also houses the largest waste-receiving facility in Turkey. Kolin, which is also a port and marina operator in Dikili and Teos, has a say in shipbuilding with the Sefine Shipyard.”


Çanakkale (Kepez) Port, which was commissioned in 2005 with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, offers cargo handling and terminal services to general cargo, bulk cargo, container, Ro-Ro and cruise ships, as well as to ferries, petroleum ships and chemical tankers. In addition to providing services for import and export cargo, the port contributes significantly to marine tourism in Turkey as the sea border gate of Çanakkale by hosting cruise ships. The Çanakkale Liman İşletmesi A.Ş., which, along with the port operation services, comprises “Turkey’s Largest” waste-receiving facility, collects and recycles waste from ships passing through the Dardanelles Strait. This is a critical task in terms of marine environment protection and added value creation. Furthermore, the main areas of activity of the Çanakkale (Kepez) Port also include marine fuel sales to vessels passing through the Dardanelles by means of its fueling station. In addition to the waste-collection and fuel-supplying activities under the CLIAS brand, which is made up of the Çanakkale Liman Işletmesi A.Ş.’s initials, the port also delivers agency services and operates the ‘Elazız,’ ‘Hazar’ and ‘Juliana’ ships owned by the Koloğlu Holding. As part of the provided services, the Çanakkale Liman Işletmesi A.Ş. boasts a fleet of five waste-receiving vessels, two fuel tankers and three general cargo ships.




The renovation and repair of the Dikili Port’s landing stage was completed in 2000, expanding its width from nine meters to 15 meters and its length from 72 meters to 132 meters. Subsequently, the Privatization Administration granted the port to the Dikili Liman ve Turizm Işletmeleri Ticaret A.Ş. on November 10, 2003. The Dikili Port provides services such as harboring, cargo handling, terminal services, pilotage, towage, lashing, water delivery, waste reception, passenger hall management, security services as per the ISPS Code, and indoor storage outside the port’s area. Accommodating a passenger hall, the customs office, customs protection directorate, coastal health department and the maritime police offices, the port enables the rapid execution of all transactions. These services are provided in administrative buildings where agencies can work in computer-equipped offices. The port also delivers solid waste reception and water delivery services to ships. The port is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has adopted the highest quality of service in line with the standards. The Dikili Port provides services for bulk, bagged and palletized cargo. Importers and exporters are also provided with warehousing/storage services in the indoor warehouse (31,500 square meters) and outdoor areas (22,500 square meters), which are located five kilometers from the port. Stockpiling and packaging services in these warehouses are delivered by the Dikili Port. The main loads that are handled at the port are perlite, iron ore, clay minerals, granite stones, MDFs, fatty acids, ammonium nitrate and the like.




The Sefine Shipyard was established in 2005 on a land area of 140,000 square meters in the Yalova Altınova shipyards zone to serve in shipbuilding, maintenance and repair, retrofitting and steel construction business lines. The shipyard has more than 4,000 employees, including the sub-contractors. The Sefine Shipyard is equipped to issue repair services to ships weighing up to 90 deadweight tonnes in the Panamax-sized dry dock and to ships up to 120 deadweight tonnes in the Aframax-sized floating dock. The types of vessels that can be built in the shipyard are general cargo ships, vehicle and passenger ferryboats, search and rescue boats, anchor handling tugs, tow boats and live fish carries. Sefine raised the bar for the Turkish shipbuilding industry by delivering Elio, the first LNG ferry in the Mediterranean Sea, in 2018. The shipyard also participated in some of Turkey’s significant steel structure projects through its involvement in the steel works of Istanbul Airport’s roof and Osmangazi Bridge’s viaduct pillars, and by beginning the construction of a fixed offshore platform. The Sefine Shipyard brought a new dimension to its business lines with the addition of military projects by undertaking the construction of the Offshore Supply and Combat Support Ship (DIMDEG), which is planned to be the second-largest vessel of the Turkish Navy. Sefine ranked as the 40th-fastest expanding company in the top 100 list of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey in 2016, and ranked second in the category of Repair and Maintenance among the 500 largest service exporters of Turkey in 2018. Sefine continues its operations without slowing down, gaining recognition through its branding strategy and the several projects it has undertaken by standing out from its industry competitors, and by adopting the principles of quality, punctual delivery and customer satisfaction.



The Teos Marina of the Koloğlu Holding is a yacht marina that commenced operations on June 21, 2010 in Sığacık, a touristic town in the Seferihisar district that became the first member of Turkey’s “Cittaslow” (slow city) movement. Teos Marina has a capacity of 480 boats at sea and 80 boats on land. Teos Marina features the logistic advantage of being located 40 kilometers from Izmir’s center and 50 kilmeters from the Adnan Menderes International Airport. The marina neighbors the historical Sığacık Citadel and the ruins of the ancient city of Teos. Additionally, several tourist attractions, such as Çeşme, Kuşadası, Ephesus ancient city and the House of the Virgin Mary, are only an hour’s drive from the marina. The Greek island of Samos can be reached in two hours from Teos Marina thanks to the ferry services, which can be organized directly from the marina at attractive prices. The Customs Building of the marina boasts a Setur Duty Free store. Constructed according to the build-operate-transfer model of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Teos Marina was granted the Five Anchors Award by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The quality of the marine is validated internationally by five Golden Anchors awarded by the Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA). The Teos Marina has become the 10th marina in the world and the second in Turkey to be presented with five Blue Stars by the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI). The Teos Marina has also received the Blue Flag certificate from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and its member, Turkey Environmental Education Foundation (TURÇEV). The marina provides a towing service to vessels with a maximum width of 7.3 meters by a 75-tonne travel lift in the dry dock area, where all maintenance and repair services are delivered. The outdoor shopping section of the marina features many stores, recreation and dining units, entertainment venues, boutiques and beauty shops. Teos Marina is a central attraction at the heart of Sığacık, which stands out with its unspoiled nature, historical fabric, welcoming locals, natural products and local delicacies. In recent years, Teos Marina has risen above its competitors and has continued to gain momentum in prestige since 2016, achieving a 105 percent boat occupancy rate in 2020.