“Kolin Construction is a leading brand in Turkey and around the world. Our sound finances and one-hundred-percent job completion rate make us a sought-after partner the world over. We enter into massive investments across three continents and bring civilization to the world by drawing strength with high credit worthiness, which is an indication of trust by international finance organizations.”

We have built thousands of kilometers of roads at home. We have brought and continue to bring civilization to three continents with the roads we built abroad. We have connected the world through the bridges and viaducts we built at home and abroad. We have poured thousands of cubic meters of concrete on buildings, which stand as symbols of civilization. We have operated day and night and continue to do so in risky regions with a huge workforce. All of Kolin’s mega projects are also humanitarian feats. We boast high credit worthiness as a result of the trust and reputation we have built with many institutions ranging from United Nations to the World Bank in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as well as in Turkey. The sound financial status we enjoy keeps growing through long-term partnerships and collaborations with large banks and finance institutions. We have collaborated with the World Bank on a number of projects in Turkey and around the world. We have invested in major projects that will contribute to the development of countries with the support of the United Nations Office for Project Services.

The World Bank Loan

Safranbolu-Bartın Junction-Ulus-Pınarbaşı-Azdavay-Ağlı Junction (Section IV) Road/Turkey


Hajiqabul-Horadiz Road Rehabilitation (M6) Plot 1, Hajiqabul Bulagli Section, Between Km: 00+000 km and 40+500 / Azerbaijan


Hajiqabul-Horadiz Road Rehabilitation (M6), Plot 2, Bulagli-Bahramtepe Section, Between Km: 40+500 km and 112+550 / Azerbaijan


Ereğli – Ivriz Sol Sahil Irrigation Renovation Konya/Turkey


Turkey Flood and    
Earthquake Disaster    

Tefer No. Ad2 Earthquake Housing Construction Road/Turkey

Bartın II Flood Protection Structures Rehabilitation/Turkey Emergency Aid Project (TEFER)  2002
Karabük III Flood Protection Structures Rehabilitation/Turkey 2002
Bolu 2nd Group Village Road Bridge Construction/Turkey 2000
Kastamonu 2nd Group Road Construction/Turkey 1999

Yenice (Karşıyaka) Bridge/Turkey


United States of America

Agency for International
Development Loan

Kabul-Kandahar Highway, Km: 177+000-262+000, Section D/Afghanistan Agency for International Development


Design and Construction of Six Bridges/Afghanistan 2003

Kandahar-Herat Highway, Km: 231+566-356+000 Section IV/Afghanistan


Undersecretariat of Treasury Guaranteed Loan

Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa Highway Gaziantep Beltway/Turkey

Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa Highway Birecik Suruç Section/Turkey 1998
Ankara-Pozantı Highway, Eminlik-Çiftehan Section/Turkey 1998

Ankara-Pozantı Highway, Eminlik-Çiftehan Section/Turkey 
(Kemerhisar-Niğde Connection Road)



European Investment Bank Loan

Adapazarı Urban Roads Paving/Turkey


Kavak-Merzifon (Section I) Road Km: 48+500-83+600/Turkey  2005
Tarsus Water Supply Systems and Rainwater Pumping Station Construction/Turkey 2002

Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Line Çerkezköy-Kapıkule Section Construction Project/Turkey


Islamic Development Bank
Technical Cooperation
Agency (GTZ)

Kabul University 192-Bed Girls’ Dormitory Construction/Afghanistan


Spanish FAD (Fondo de 
Agnida al Desarollo)
and OECD Export Loan

Bozova Pumped Irrigation Section I/Turkey


United Nations Office for

Project Services (UNOPS)

Afghanistan Beltway Connection from Farah,
Km: 20+000 - 71+000/Afghanistan


Government of Saudi Arabia

Arab Fund for Economic and

Social Development (AFSED)

Kandahar-Herat Highway Rehabilitation Project, Saudi Fund Section/ Afghanistan


Japan International
Cooperation Agency


Ankara Potable Water Project, Phase II, Gerede System Construction/Turkey


Islamic Development Bank
Arabic Fund Abu Dhabi Fund
Mujib and Southern Ghors Irrigation Project, Phase II. B-Contract/Jordan


Asian Development Bank

Alat – Astara Highway, Construction of Masalli-Jalilabad (Km: 142+890-110+700) Section 

Alat-Astara Highway, Construction of Jalilabad-Shorsuulu (Km: 110+700-80+600) Section 2015
Baku-Russia State Border Highway (Km: 132+700-192+240) Completion of Incomplete Sections  2015

Masalli-Astara Highway, Section A (Km: 0 to 22.15)


International Bank
for Reconstruction
and Development

Four-Lane Baku-Shamakhi-Muganlı Road, Km: 91 to 107


French Development Agency

Bileceri Maintenance Workshop Rehabilitation, Final Design, Construction Works, Power Transformer Center, Signalization, Railway Line and Overhead Catenary System (OCL) Construction Works (Section II)



Asian Development Bank

Yevlakh-Zagatala -Georgia Border Road (M5), Suchma, Shaki Junction Section Km 33+100 - 46+120 Rehabilitation and R-57 Road Rehabilitation (Section No. 2)


European Bank
and Development

Bahramtapa-Bilesuvar Road (R42) Reconstruction


International Bank for Reconstruction

and Development


East-West Highway, “Western Europe-Western China” International Transit Corridor Rehabilitation, “Balkash-Burylbaital” Section, Section 2: Km: 1905-1955 Gulshat-Tasaral



French Development Agency

Supply, Delivery and Installation of Warehouse Equipment for Two Workshops  in Bileceri and Ganja, Azerbaijan


Asian Development Bank

Yalama-Sumgayit Railway Line (including the Buildings) Design, Supply and Installation Work – Section 1: Sumgayit (Km: 2622+175) to Gilgil-Chay Station (Km 2538+200)

Yalama-Sumgayit Railway Line (including the Buildings) Design, Supply and Installation Work – Section 2: Gilgil Chay (Km: 2538+200) to Yalama (Russian Border, Km: 2454+454) 2019