Aliağa Çakmaklı LNG FSRU Terminal

ETKİ Liman İşletmeleri Doğalgaz İthalat ve Ticaret A.Ş. completed construction of the Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Storage and Regasification Terminal, which meets the highest security standards, in the Kızılburun area of Çakmaklı village in the Aliağa district of the Izmir province. The terminal was commissioned for the regasification and transmission to the BOTAŞ gas line of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), which was imported by gas carrier ships by means of vessels referred to as Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU).

The investment covers all necessary superstructure, infrastructure and landscaping works for the facility including the construction of 14-kilometer-long 36-inch land connection pipelines and hot taps, a gas measurement station, the docks, platforms and dolphin systems for the Q-Flex (216,000 cubic meters) LNG vessels to land on FSRU, technological infrastructure systems on these docks and platform systems, and construction of all vessel and gas connection systems and equipment for LNG and FSRU vessels.

The LNG storage capacity of the FSRU vessel, “Turquoise P,” is 166,631 cubic meters and it can supply a 20 million cubic meters of gas to the system per day. Currently, the maximum annual regasification capacity of the terminal is 7.3 billion standard cubic meters. The ETKİ Floating LNG Terminal plays a critical role in meeting seasonal fluctuations in natural gas consumption. The terminal contributes to the security of natural gas supply by delivering 20 million standard cubic meters of gas to the system, particularly during winter months in which the peak consumption demand reaches 250–300 million cubic meters. The terminal facilitates the distribution of gas from alternative sources when needed without depending on pipelines, creating an additional supply to the national natural gas system to the extent of its storage and regasification capacities in order to counterbalance maximum system pressure profile during peak consumption periods.

The ETKİ Floating LNG Terminal poses a new natural gas supply point and an additional natural gas storage and regasification capacity to our country in an area easily accessible from the open seas without increasing the tanker traffic on our straits. The ETKİ Floating LNG Terminal enables natural gas to be imported from varying sources of supply. It also grants daily and hourly supply flexibility to the system on peak consumption days, and enables the national gas transmission network to be fed without interruption, which contributes to the security of supply in household and industrial consumption as well as in the electricity generation industry.

Employer: ETKİ Liman İşletmeleri Doğalgaz İthalat ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Location: Izmir/TURKEY