2 x 255 Megawatts Electric Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant

The Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant, which is fueled with local lignite and has an installed power of 510 megawatts, was commissioned in 2019 within the borders of Soma District of Manisa Province by Hydro-Gen A.Ş. (a company of the Kolin Holding) and is currently operational. The project included a Thermal Plant, Ash Storage Area, Coal Preparation and Additional Stock Area, Coal Quarries, Coal and Ash Transportation Systems, Limestone Quarry and the Water Supply Project, which consists of Kozluören Dam, Asar Pond and Transmission Lines. As the main contractor, Kolin Construction undertakes construction and installation works of the Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant. They also carry out mining operations, through pickling work is performed and coal is produced. A limestone quarry has been established as part of the facility. Coal and ash transport systems, and a coal stock and homogenization site have been established between the mining site, ash storage site and the plant. Two ponds with a total annual capacity of nine cubic hectometers and a regulator were constructed for supply of the plant’s cooling and process water, and construction of the transmission lines was completed. The primary power generation systems in the Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant consist of two steam boilers, two steam turbines and a generator set. The total installed capacity of the power plant is 510 megawatts electric.
The first unit of the Local Lignite-Fueled Soma Kolin Thermal Power Plant, which represents the highest level that can be achieved with the current data in terms of technology, efficiency and environmental impact values. The plant is planned to generate 3.7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

Employer: General Directorate of Energy Affairs
Location: Soma/Manisa/TURKEY