Akköy II HEPP (Aladereçam Dam, Gökçebel Dam and Yaşmaklı Dam HEPP)

The Akköy II HEPP Project covers Aladereçam, Gökçebel and Yaşmaklı Dams. Power production will take place at Akköy II Hydroelectric Power Plant. Aladereçam Dam is located on Karaovacık Creek at a 1,843-meter crest and a 1,792-meter thalweg elevation. From Aladereçam Dam, water is directed to the lake area of Gökçebel Dam by a transmission tunnel. In addition to the production in Akköy II HEPP, water will be transferred from the Aladereçam Dam to the Gökçebel Dam, where a hydroelectric power plant with an installed capacity of seven megawatts will be installed using water with a drop height of 210 meters. The total energy production amount is 18.2 million kilowatt-hours. Gökçebel Dam is a 144-meter-high rockfill dam with a concrete front wall. The capacity of Gökçebel Dam Lake has been calculated as 94.78 million cubic meters. This dam is connected to the lake area of Yaşmaklı Dam. Yaşmaklı Dam is a predominantly concrete dam with a height of 100 meters and a 1,630-meter crest. The dam’s water-holding capacity is 17.68 million cubic meters. From here, the water connects to the balance chimney, then connects via a penstock pipeline diameter to the Akköy II Hydroelectric Power Plant. A total 872.5 million kilowatt-hour of energy will be produced in Akköy II.

Employer: Akköy Enerji A.Ş.
Location: Gümüşhane/TURKEY