Construction of Ankara Drinking Water Phase II Project, the Gerede System

The aim of the project, which was financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), is to supply drinking water to the Turkey’s capital, Ankara, through a 31.58-kilometer-long tunnel. With the project, the waters of the Gerede Stream, which is a tributary of the Filyos River, are transported to the Çamlıdere Dam via the Işıklı Regulator and a transmission tunnel in which a gravity flow is ensured. The outlet structures for connection to the Eşik stream are constructed as part of the project. The tunnel, which has a diameter of 4.5 meters and a length of 31,580 meters, was excavated simultaneously using three tunnel-drilling machines. The project was carried out in very difficult and variable ground conditions at a distance of 15 kilometers from the North Anatolian Fault Line. The tunnel aims to transfer 226 million cubic meters of water annually to Çamlıdere Dam with a flow rate of 40 cubic meters per second.

Employer: DSI, Department of Drinking Water and Sewarage
Location: Gerede/TURKEY