Construction of Yusufeli Dam and HEPP

The Yusufeli Dam and HEPP Project is located within the boundaries of the Yusufeli District of the Artvin Province, in the Eastern Black Sea Region. The project contributes to Turkey’s energy production with an installed capacity of 558 megawatts. It has a reservoir area of approximately 33 square kilometers. Dams located in Çoruh Basin account for approximately 8 percent of Turkey’s total energy production and approximately 34 percent of the total energy generated from hydroelectric power plants (HEPP). The Yusufeli hydroelectric plant contributes to Turkey’s energy production with an installed power capacity of 558 megawatts (3 x 186 megawatts). Thanks to its high installed capacity and annual power generation potential (1,888 gigawatt-hours per year), it meets 0.6 percent of Turkey’s annual energy needs. The Yusufeli Dam and HEPP project is the highest dam in Turkey with a height of 275 meters, and the third-highest thin-concrete arched dam in the world. The dam’s total water storage volume is approximately 2.2 billion cubic meters. It is expected to generate a total 1.888 billion kilowatt-hours of energy annually.

Employer: DSI General Directorate
Location: Artvin/TURKEY