Construction Works at the Doğanpınar Dam

The completion of the Kayacık Dam and Doğanpınar Dam, which are included in the GAP Kayacık project, will facilitate the irrigation of 20,000 hectares in Gaziantep and Kilis Plains. Of this irrigation area, 8,165 hectares are located in Gaziantep and 11,835 hectares are located in Kilis. The general characteristics of the dam embankment constructed as part of the project are as follows:

• Filling Type: Clay-core rock
• Thalweg Elevation: 558 meters
• Base Elevation: 548 meters
• Crest Elevation: 603.5 meters
• Crest Length: 3,622 meters
• Crest Width: 10 meters
• Elevation from Thalweg: 45.45 meters
• Elevation from Base: 55.5 meters

Employer: DSI, 20th Regional Directorate
Location: Gaziantep/TURKEY