Mujib and South Ghors Irrigation Project, Phase II B Contract

Phase II of the South Ghors Project is designed to ensure the effective use of the surface and flood waters of the Mujib and Wala valleys, and to control the waters in Zarqa Main, Zara and Abu Knuheiba valleys and Tannur dam. Phase II of the Project also aims to supply the necessary water needed to develop the agricultural activities in the 9,500-acre South Ghors region, meet the water needs of existing local industrial enterprises, support the development of tourist activities in Jordan Valley, and meet other local needs. Project consists of structures including a regulator and water intake structure, a sedimentation pool, the Mujib Water Tank, a primary pumping station and the North Conveyor. Automation with the SCADA system has been achieved for the ductile pipeline. The project was completed in 28 months.

Employer: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Location: Mujib/JORDAN