Construction of Ankara High-Speed Train Station Complex

Ankara HST Complex fills an area of 370,000 square meters. On 37 railway lines, there are 16 buildings and facilities with a total indoor space of 51,629 square meters, consisting of 11 separate units [HST Sets, Main Maintenance Workshop (Level 1) Buildings A and B, Heavy Maintenance Workshops (Level 2) – Building C, Office and Building D, Technological Buildings – F, G and L, Treatment Units, Dynamic Test Unit, Catering Unit, Other Buildings (Under-Floor Wheel Lathe Workshop, Washing Unit, Vacuum Toilet-Cleaning Unit, Spare Material Warehouses), HST Sets, Park Areas]. There are also social areas within the HST Maintenance Facility at which the staff may eat, rest, change and clean up.

Interaction of Maintenance and Repair Facility with Environment
No harmful gas will be released into the air as a result of the maintenance operations to be performed in Ankara HST Maintenance Complex. In addition, no chemical pollutants will be released to soil or water. There is a biological and chemical treatment unit in the Maintenance Facility. The washing building also features a biological treatment unit from which 90 percent of waste water will be recovered. Oil wastes accumulated in the treatment units will be stored in a special reservoir and disposed of. Oil will not be released into the sewage system.

Employer: General Directorate of Turkish State Railways
Location: Ankara/Turkey