Four-Lane Baku-Shamakhi-Muganli Road (Km: 91 to 107)

The project covers the construction of the final section of the Baku–Shamakhi–Muganli Road (from 91 kilometers to 107 kilometers), which will be expanded to four lanes. This 16-kilometer section begins at the border of the Gobustan and Shamakhi regions and ends at the entrance to Shamakhi city. Works to be implemented within the scope of this project are as follows:

•Expansion of the Baku–Shamakhi–Muganli road (from 91 kilometers to 107 kilometers, a total of 16 kilometers) to four lanes
•Construction of a dam wall on the Pirsaat River
•Construction of an underground passage and a wildlife crossing
•Retaining wall construction, slope stabilization with crushed stone filling, support filling and mass excavations
•Construction or extension of seven circular water pipes, and the extension of box culverts
•Traffic signs installation, the painting of road lines and the construction of New Jersey barriers
•Removal of the protection fence and billboards
•Construction of bus stops
•Milling of existing road wear

Employer: Ministry of Transport, Azer Road Service OJC