Improvement Works on Yevlakh–Zagatala–Georgeia Border Motorway (M5), Suchma Shaki Junction and Rehabilitation of the R-57 Road

Within the scope of the project financed by the Asian Development Bank, a total of 24 kilometers on the Yevlak–Zagatala–Georgia Border road (M5) between Suchma and Shaki Junction (KM: 33 + 100-46 + 120), and the R57 road between the Shaki Junction and Shaki City (KM: 0 + 000 - 11 + 010) will be rebuilt. In this context, all earthworks; engineering structures; six bridges; various water, gas and power line displacements; soil stabilization works; sub-base, base and hot mix asphalt pavement works; and all horizontal and vertical signing works will be completed.

Employer: Ministry of Transport, Azer Road Service OJC
Location: Shaki / AZERBAIJAN