Warehouse Construction and Provision, Installation and Operation of Electromechanical Systems in Çayyolu

Within the scope of the project, all construction works of Warehouse Construction Area and Buildings in Çayyolu were completed (Workshop Building, Heating Center, Electricity and Transformation Center, Building for Line Maintenance Vehicles, Water Tank and Control Building in total of approximately 15,000 square meters of indoor space), including steel drive platforms between parking lines, reinforced concrete walkways, piled environmental excavation and pile support structures, piled environmental excavation and piled support structures, rammed earth and reinforced concrete walls, concrete-/asphalt-covered areas, displacement of rainwater and waste water box culvert, landscaping in the parking lot and the surrounding environment.

Within the scope of the project, connection structures (U-section, cut-and-cover and level structures) were built to the Kızılay–Çayyolu Metro (M2) Line. Construction of the carrier rail, procurement and installation of the third rail, electromechanics (power supply, traction power, signaling, control and communication system) and superstructure of the line were carried out. Fixed and portable workshop equipment (cranes, benches, jacks, forklifts, etc.) as well as auxiliary vehicles will be supplied and installed in the workshop building. Under this project, the systems will be integrated into the Kızılay–Çayyolu Metro (M2) Line systems.

Employer: Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure,
Directorate-General of Infrastructure Investments
Location: Ankara/TURKEY