Northern Marmara Natural Gas Storage Expansion (Phase-III) Project

The Northern Marmara Natural Gas Storage Expansion (Phase-III) Project is intended to increase the capacity of existing facilities in the Silivri natural gas storage field within the framework of insuring Turkey’s natural gas supply security. The project aims to reach 4.6 billion standard cubic meters of storage and 75 million standard cubic meters of daily backfeed capacity in the Northern Marmara Storage Facility, which currently has a storage capacity of 2.84 billion standard cubic meters and a daily backfeed capacity of 25 million standard cubic meters. As part of the project, a surface plant will be constructed with a 30 million cubic meters/day injection capacity and a 50 million cubic meters/day backfeed capacity. Additionally, two fixed offshore platforms will be installed in the Marmara Sea and 9 wells will be drilled on each platform. Two 28-inch pipelines, one of which is 2.2 kilometers long and the other 3.3 kilometers long, will be installed between the platforms and the Northern Marmara Collection Station. Furthermore, a 4 kilometer long 28-inch pipeline will be installed between the Northern Marmara Collection Station and the New Storage Facility, in addition to the existing pipelines. The New Storage Facility will be connected to the BOTAS Main Transmission Line by a 36-inch pipeline of 4.2 kilometers, in addition to the 24-inch line between the current Silivri Storage Facility and the BOTAS main transmission line. Works to be implemented within the scope of the Northern Marmara Storage Extension Project are as follows:

•Construction of a surface plant featuring a 30 million cubic meter/day injection capacity and a 50 million cubic meter/day withdrawal capacity,
•Construction of a 28-inch pipeline from the Northern Marmara Collection station to the new surface plants, in addition to the existing 20-inch and 24-inch pipelines,
•Construction of a 36-inch pipeline between the new surface plant and the BOTAS main transmission lines of 36 inch,
•Integration of the existing surface plant and the existing 24-inch pipeline with the new surface plants,
•Installation of a new Pig and Valve station at the BOTAS main transmission line and common plant outlet (NSP),
•Construction of two fixed offshore platforms on the Marmara Sea,
•Drilling (offshore drilling) of 18 new storage wells (nine for each platform),
•Removal of the 8-inch and 2-inch pipes on the existing offshore platform and the abandonment of the existing offshore wells, as well as the implementation of all necessary design, engineering, purchasing and construction works.

Location: İstanbul / Turkey