Reinforcement Works for 12th Municipality Border Yusufeli–(Artvin–Erzurum) Divided State Highway Km: 24 + 900-39 + 410.57, Yusufeli–Sarıgöl Provincial Highway Km: 0 + 000-8 + 593.81 and (Yusufeli–Sarıgöl) Divided Öğdem Provincial Road Km: 0 + 000-1 + 680.4

The Artvin–Yusufeli Highway Project covers the following sections: 12th Municipality Border–Yusufeli–(Artvin–Erzurum) Divided State Highway between KM: 24 + 900- 39 + 410.57; Yusufeli–Sarıgol Provincial Road between KM: 0 + 000-8 + 593.81 And (Yusufeli–Sarıgol) Divided Öğdem Provincial Road KM: 0 + 000-1 + 680.44. As part of the project, which has a total route length of 23,589 kilometers, there are single-tube tunnels, nine bridges, box culverts and three grade-separated junctions at the tunnel exits.

There are nine tunnels and four bridges at KM: 24 + 900- 39 + 410.57 of the Artvin–Erzurum State Road. There are six tunnels and four bridges at the section between Yusufeli–Sarıgol Road KM: 0 + 000 8 + 593.81. On the (Yusufeli–Sarıgöl) Divided Öğdem Provincial Road KM: 0 + 000- 1 + 680.44 section, there is 1 tunnel and 1 bridge. This project is located in the North-South corridor of our country and connects Artvin to Erzurum. With the completion of this project, the roads leading to the Yusufeli Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant will be completed. This will also pave the way for the commissioning of the dam, which will make an important contribution to the energy needs of our country. Furthermore, the road standards will be substantially improved and valuable contributions will be made to our national economy. Construction works are progressing quickly through shifts on a 24-hour schedule on the Yusufeli–Sarıgöl–Ögdem route.

Employer: General Directorate of Highways
Location: Artvin/TURKEY