South Dhahran House Ownership Incentive Project, Initial Area Development, Package 1 and Package 2

The Ajyal Home Ownership Program will be implemented on an area of approximately six square kilometers in South Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Within the scope of the project, approximately 5,500 villas and general service buildings (schools, mosques, recreation facilities, gardens and government offices) will be built for Saudi Aramco employees. Within the scope of the project, the following works will be carried out: All mechanical infrastructure works to meet the needs of the region electrical infrastructure works, earthworks, road works, construction of mains water, irrigation water and waste water pump stations (rough and fine construction works, water well construction), mechanical works (piping works, tanks, pumps, a fire-extinguishing system, ventilation and air conditioning) and electrical works (low-voltage electrical works, telecommunication works, a fire-alarm system, measurement and warning devices, cathodic protection works, control panels, and lighting).

Employer: Saudi Arabia Oil Company (Aramco)